Vice TV: Manga Makes Everything Better

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Really, Really Good Hajime no Ippo MAD: I think what sets a normal MAD, AMV, or whatever apart from your average everyday one is when it uses art from the manga along with the anime. Manga clips are the greatest spice one can add to an AMV; it just adds a degree of professionalism that makes me clap like a seal.

Ronald McDonald New Girl in Lucky Star: Now Ronald McDonald videos are getting kind of old right about now, and Nico Nico Douga with the comments turned on are a real turn off for me; but for some reason this video really pushes all the right buttons. It almost feels like Ronald is one of the girls, talking about chocolate cornets, and dating boys; it makes me very happy.

Orgasmic Nico Nico Douga Medley on Piano: What happens when a man sits down with his piano and plays the Ryuuseigun Medley, epic, that’s what. This video actually took a long time to make, 18 hours of this man’s life were spent in creation of this medley. In the second part of this medley, (which can be seen here) he even added more tracks to the medley that are not present in the official version. This is really great, thanks for taking your time to make this. 

Japanese PlayStaion Launch Promo: Here is a fun video that was bundled with the first PlayStations in Japan. Can you imagine watching this way back then and thinking that all these games were the greatest things ever? But seriously, how many Mahjong and Pachinko games do you really need Japan? I guess they were the first person shooters of their time. But Jesus, you thought PS3 had some bad launch titles.  [This is no longer showing up for some reason, so you can watch it here]

Gurren Lagann + Okkusenman + JAM Project: Megaman’s “Okkusenman” is a great song by itself, but when it is sung by JAM Project it enters another level. The final layer of frosting is that this is also a Gurren Lagann AMV, can you ask for more?

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I really like the concept behind these Vice TV thingies, always something awesome to watch. And that awesome JAM Project remix is damn epic, thanks for the link. And as there aren't that many videos in this post, i though I should contribute something myself:
Nobuyuki Hiyama, voice of Viral in Gurren Lagann, doing a script reading for Simon's character, only to go into full Guy Shishio mode at the end... A must watch for any Gurren Lagann fan.
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@Lance_McCloud: mmm....   Nobuyuki Hiyama... you know what turns me on.
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Dude on the piano (3rd video) is awesome!
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One of those videos ended up with me spinning off into listening to Hatsune Miku music videos for about an hour, of which I got stuck on "The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku" for about 20 minutes by itself. Good selection this week Len!
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