Vice TV: Darth Vader is Moe

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K-On! Would Be So Much Cooler with Darth Vader and Friend(s): Don’t get me wrong, the K-On! girls are fantastically cute, and I wouldn’t want anything to happen to them. However, they would be hard pressed to beat the awesome combination of the Laughing Man, Darth Vader, Haruka Amami , and Friend.

Vice TV is Presented to you by, I’m a Champion: This commercial will be sure to give you nightmares.

Nico Nico Epic MAD: Here is a nice little MAD that summarizes the main “characters” from Nico Nico. It is based off of the Little Busters! opening animation.

Free Akihabara Tour: Want to go to Akihabara, but can’t afford the price of an airship or a chocobo? Well, why not just watch this video instead. Unfortunately, it will not fulfill you at all, and will increase your desire to go. So much that you would be willing to sell your teeth to the black market just so that you would have enough money to send half of your body to this Mecca of the otaku.

Behold the Power of the Greatest Super Sentai Warrior in the World, Shinken Brown: Richard Brown, is perhaps the greatest foreign samurai in the world, Tom Cruise has nothing on him.

Topping are Jerks: Seriously, toppings need to grow up; they have to learn their place in the world of food. First of all pizza is number one, then toppings, but only after pizza. Toppings are nothing without pizza, nothing! YOU MADE PIZZA CRY!

Dragon Quest Anime X Final Fantasy V: This is a parody MAD video using one of the more underground Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy V. Not bad for an amateur MAD, but I have to admit the chocobo looks like its retarded.

Naruto Shippuden X Suikoden 2: Here is another RPG MAD. This time one of my favorite RPGs, Suikoden 2, mashes in with Naruto Shippuden’s third opening. Great, now I want to play Suikoden 2 again.

Everybody Do the Power Ranger Dance: I think it’s important to finish strong, or if you can’t finish strong, finish dancing; and no one can dance better than the Power Rangers.

Random Video of the Week: I would be lying if I told you this was me.
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That Stuntman clip dropped my jaw
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Stuntman needs to either A. Become a Power Ranger B. Become a Kamen Rider C. Compete in the Olympics, or D. Pilot a Gundam, preferably the G Gundam kind.
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That Stuntman is absolutely amazing. He should... fight crime of something.
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The Stuntman is awesome he should try to be on the next Ninja WarriorXD
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I'll support the stuntman becoming a crimefighter.
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Len, Len, Len,

That isn't Ritsu, it's Haruka Amami from Idolm@ster.

Though you still get a brofist for finding Nico Nico Busters Ecstasy, and Shinken Brown was awesome.
(lol at how at the end of the Nico Nico Busters video they have the minimum system requirements as a Core i7 920 with 4GB of RAM...guess I'm set haha)
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Holy crap, IRL Prince of Persia!

And yes, the Stuntman should totally go vigilante.
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@HeeroYuy: if you say so Heero....
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I nominate stuntman for Batman.
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@GodLen: Here's the origin of her freaky mask version:
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