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Topic started by gia on Feb. 17, 2010. Last post by Lan 4 years, 11 months ago.
Post by gia (3,032 posts) See mini bio Level 13
So we've been talking a bit about the editorial direction of our anime and manga reviews here on Vice (or lack thereof), and we've got a few really strong ideas to try and work more reviews into our content, but we've also got a few questions for YOU, the readers, about your own preferences for reviews:
1) Do you prefer video reviews or text reviews? Does this change when we're talking about reviews of anime vs reviews of manga?
2) Are you more interested in anime reviews or manga reviews (or is it pretty even)?
3) Do you prefer a really in-depth review with spoilers, or a more general review without them?
Please share any other thoughts you have on reviews-- styles we've done that you liked (or that you didn't like), if there are particular genres or release types that you feel need reviews more than others, or anything alonge those lines!
Post by JJOR64 (2,074 posts) See mini bio Level 16
1)  I say do text reviews.  For major titles or big new releases I say do both a text review and a video review.  With a text review you could go into more detail and with a video review you could do a general review with some clips of the anime or pictures of the manga pages.
2)  I'm even on both of them.  This is an anime/manga site so both of them should be treated equally.
3)  This one is kinda tough.  For myself I really enjoy a general review with no spoilers.  Perhaps if its like the first volume of a manga or first episode of a new anime series, some spoilers would be OK.  If spoilers are needed to share your opinion on the subject matter, as long as you use the spoiler tag then I'm OK with it.
Post by crusader8463 (739 posts) See mini bio Level 9

1) I prefer video reviews; if an article is beyond a couple paragraphs in length i generally don't want to read it on a website. I have always been a a very visual person who wants to see things like screen caps, trailers and the such play in the background while i listen to a review. I find having a person tell me what they though about an anime isn't very helpful as i usually don't agree with them, where as having a trailer or screens to go along with the review gives me a better understanding of whether or not i may like something.
2) I'm fine ether way, but i tend to not read many manga anymore for some reason so i would prefer a more anime focus.
3) To be honest i use reviews as a way to find anime that i might be interested in, more so then what some one thinks of them. My favorite reviews are ones that just give a general set up on what an anime is about, and whether or not it has good acting, animation and a half way decent story. I could honestly care less what some one thinks of a show; i just want you to tell me what it's about, whether or not it was well made, or if it falls apart at some point. As for spoilers, i despise them with every fiber of my being. The whole point to watching a show is to enjoy the story, so what's the point of watching it if your going to spoil it before i even get a chance to watch it?
I think it comes down to one of two things; are you a person like myself who uses reviews as a means to discover new shows to watch, or do you use reviews as a way to find people to puppet your own opinions back to you?
Post by sora_thekey (1,097 posts) See mini bio Level 16
1) I would perfer video reviews, basically becuase its more appealing, not only because we get to see you guys (the staff), but it also feels a bit more personal. Opposed to text because it seems more of an automated way to give an opinion. 
2) I think it's pretty even, but I do watch more anime than I read manga becuase it's harder for me to get manga. 
3) Depeds, I would say that if you're reviewing something and telling people NOT to watch it then spoil it so the negativity would rub off to the person who might be intrested. If the review is positive,  then no spoilers so as the user I get to want and read/watch whatever it is you're reviewing!
Post by HeeroYuy (1,210 posts) See mini bio Level 12
To keep it simple, I like either:
In depth text reviews that analyze the aspects of (manga/anime/movie, doesn't matter to me, I like them all) it such as what it's good points are, bad points, animation/drawing style and quality, stuff like that.
Video reviews that cover that same general layout. Short or long, funny with their own twists in the review or serious, I don't mind. The only thing is I wish there was a way to see reviews other than the reviews page. Most people (including myself) rarely have any reason to look through there so we never see them whether they're amazing reviews or not.
Post by Wraith (377 posts) See mini bio Level 17
1) Do both. Do text reviews for the smaller titles and video reviews for major titles or for titles that you guys think needs more attention or the next big thing. When it comes down to manga reviews, i prefer text with pannels from the manga inserted in to help get the point across; when it comes to anime, I prefer video clips with scenes from the anime in it to help get the point across
2) I'm interested in both anime and manga reviews since I'm always looking for new things to watch and read
3) I prefer a general review with out any major spoilers in it; if a spoiler has to be put in put, put in a spoiler warning
other thoughts on reviews:
- more attention to smaller titles. it sucks when a smaller title get little to no attention when it comes out at the same time as a big name title such as Naruto or  Bleach
- retro reviews. It would be nice to see you guys talk about older titles you guys can recommend to us to check out
- light novel reviews
- visual Novel reviews if possible
Post by gia (3,032 posts) See mini bio Level 13
@Wraith said:
"  @gia: 1) Do both. "
This is what we're leaning towards-- but we find that if we try to insist on doing a video review (even one in conjunction with a text review), then we never get around to either, so we have to figure out how to prioritize which titles get a video review, and which only get text.
Thanks for all the comments so far guys-- keep 'em coming!
Post by DocHaus (938 posts) See mini bio Level 18
1) I'd say do both: a video review with a little text summary underneath on the odd chance the video cannot be loaded or the user can't play anything with sound at the time.
2) I personally lean towards anime, but in terms of reviewing really go after what interests (or especially enrages) you. As well-known (well, in my view) internet critics like the Nostolgia Critic or Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw have shown, entertaining reviews need not be restricted to one specific medium, just whatever happens to inspire a long rant at the time.
3) In-depth review, just as long as you put up a big ol' SPOILER! warning before you do if there are tons of spoilers contained within.
Post by sunflower (191 posts) See mini bio Level 1
1. For some reason I tend not to watch video reviews from anyone, except yours for cookbooks because they're great.
2. Both
3. NO SPOILERS!!!  (though something learned withing the first quarter of anything or in blurbs or trailers isn't a spoiler, IMO)
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I've really liked some of the reviews on the site, so I'll give my 2 cents.
1. More often than not I prefer the video reviews. 
2. Both really. I buy more anime but have been meaning to get more into manga.
3. No spoilers, or at least major spoilers are clearly marked.
Post by ThePsychoGamer (1,835 posts) See mini bio Level 10
1. Text reviews
2. both
3, short and simple
and on that note, My reviews not good enough for this site? that's it, i'm taking the whole site down RAGE BLAST!!!.... i feel better now, back to writing reviews
Post by Niko (865 posts) See mini bio Level 8
1) I prefer text. I never watch Comic Vine reviews because every time I go, its video. More often than not, I'm on my netbook, which doesn't like video.
2) Both.
3) Both. I guess general ones for single portions and more in-depth for the whole series.
Post by eldiax (130 posts) See mini bio Level 14
1) Text reviews. 
2) Anime. 
3) No spoilers.
Post by Daniel_Newton (3,320 posts) See mini bio Level 20
1) Video reviews for anime, text reviews for manga.
2) Both.
3) No spoilers please ^^
I think it would be cool to do quick look/first impression videos of anime when you've only seen 1 or 2 episodes, and then full video reviews when you've seen a good handful of episodes or maybe a full season. I also think video reviews should be split over the staff more fairly like with the Giant Bomb crew. Oh and if I'm totally honest, I'm not a big fan of geekachu, but I know other users are, so if geekachu can stick to the videos he is in and stay out of video reviews I'll be happy, I think video reviews could do with being a little more professional. Seriously if you can make them anything like the video reviews on Giant Bomb that would be awesome, I know they review video games so it's different, but their reviews are the best on the web in my opinion.
I'm glad to see you guys take the opinions of us users so seriously, that's always nice to see, maybe I'll come up with some more details ideas later on.
Post by Arjuna (202 posts) See mini bio Level 7
1)  Videos reviews, although I understand there is a lot more technical work added on top of the writing when you do this.  A focus on more popular things, and things that you personally want to get the word out for.
2)  Pretty even, but since manga involves static imagery I think your purpose could be served just as well with a written review and some embedded images in the review. 
3)  More general review without spoilers.  Like a film review; giving only the premise that the anime starts off with.  Think Roger Ebert.  I imagine the problem with reviewing something you really like is you want to gush about it, revealing the awesome twist...  but I think these 'spoilers' can just as easily be alluded to without necessarily explaining what they are.
Post by Black_Rose (1,204 posts) See mini bio Level 11
  1. Both. Text reviews are easier so you should do mostly that, leaving video reviews for big releases with a lot of hype behind them. 
  2. Anime.
  3. General reviews. Like Arjuna said, something Ebert-like, he is able to explain well the good and bad things of a movie and yet keep it simple and short. 
Post by macker33 (528 posts) See mini bio Level 11
1.Got to say i go for the video review all the time out of sheer laziness,i'm more likely to stay till the end of a video review.Even better if the review has clips but i dont know if thats a problem.
2.Anime,i dont really go in for japanese(or american) comics.
3.definately general reviews and no spoilers,seriously the urge to blab too much is bad.
Post by Lan (621 posts) See mini bio Level 13
1.)  I like video reviews because they add flair and extra fun to the review process. There's a million places that do text reviews I've read, video reviews tend to stand out a little more. Also, I gotta admit like several people here, I can be pretty lazy so I'd rather watch a video than read a review (since I do so much reading all the time anyway). It doesn't affect my preference whether the review is of manga or anime.
2.) Both anime and manga. 
3.)  I prefer spoiler free reviews, more so if it's for a 1st volume or episode. I'd like in-depth text reviews if covering an entire anime/manga series. I also second the idea of retro reviews--have them once a week, I'd consider retro as pre-2000. 
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