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I randomly came across the following image, because, you know, internet happens

So I would like to know, who would be your anime super team?

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Which anime do you think was great despite of its poor animation?.

Which anime do you think was awful despite of its magnificent animation?.

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I have noticed lots of extremely good manga and anime that I was just lucky enough to come across would have been so much more popular if only the information and promotional work had been better and so my questions are ......

Which anime/manga do you think would have had better success if not for bad promotional work?

How much do you think promotional work affects the success of manga/anime today?

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Guys I would like to hear your thoughts on American / western comic cultivation vs Japanese Manga development

For the most part it seems like the comic industry is ruled by the two powerhouse companies DC & Marvel and as such have a core focus of very well known and familiar characters which have been written and re-written over decades in many variations

Manga titles on the other hand seem to be of a more singular fashion with franchises going through fewer hands and less incarnations, leading to a more linear overall story structure.

Personally I do not prefer one type over the other and enjoy the creative differences in both, question is how do you guys feel about it….do you think maybe western comics are a little bit over-focused on the BIG TWO lol opposed to manga which “seem” to be more varied

And just for fun as it is sorta related GOKU VS SUPERMAN – who wins and why (just for fun) – check out the upcoming DEATHBATTLE for that VS matchup btw

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What would be your favorite anime movie, involved in a series (ex :Inuyasha Movies), favorite non series movie (ex: Redline), and what would be a movie besides studio Ghibli that you would recommend to some one who is not that big into anime?
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How do you catalog your anime? Do you add anime to virtual wishlists? Do you put it on a word document? Or do you go "classic" and keep it in a notebook?

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Sometimes people complain about some anime series because a lot of characters look almost the same or because of the lack of creative character designs, however some anime series have a huge variety of characters that involve: different body proportions, different races/species, different costumes, different themes, etc.

So, here is my question, which anime series do you think have the most interesting/creative character designs?

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Do you like comedy anime? if so my next question is:

what do you think of comedy animes that make reference to other animes? specifically when the punchline includes reference, do you continue watching it or just stop since you don't get the jokes?

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Topic: Anime Censorship vs. Availability

Clarification: Being able to see some Anime requires censored edits of scenes or images when provided by certain media services. Would you prefer the censored Anime because of its availability, or wait until an original unedited version becomes available, which in some countries could be next to never?

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What is your favorite location in anime? City, town, village, whatever. I'll even allow vehicles as locations, since battleships like the SDF-1 are both a military weapon and a location.

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What have some of your favourite songs in Anime in relation to

1) Openings and Endings

2) Character Leitmotifs

3) notable songs in general?

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@DBZ_universe: Doomsday?

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@MarioRedfield: LOL. I don't remember posting that at all. I must of been sleepy that day.

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Seeing how Anime Vice has a rather expansive wiki database. is there any page on the site that you've particularly enjoyed or thought helpful? Also, is there any page of the site that you wish had more work done to it?

With you enjoying ONE PIECE recently, have you thought about checking out the manga and seeing how that is paced in comparison to the anime? The series in the US is about a year behind where it in in Japan. Where Tom jumped on with the more recent episodes of the anime is Volume 65.

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Have you watched any anime that takes its cues from literature? Which ones worked/didn't work for you? I don't mean a basic 1:1 adaptation of a book, but I'm talking about anime that reference literature and make a few allusions to it. Here are some I know of:

Puella Magi Madoka Magika (Faust)

Neon Genesis Evangelion (The Bible)

Romeo X Juliet (Romeo and Juliet)

Blast of Tempest (Hamlet, and other Shakespeare works)

Flowers of Evil (Baudelaire's Flowers of Evil)

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1.Tom, will you be watching One Piece on Cartoon Network, which (I think) starts in season 4? If you do, you will become the Dr. Manhattan of Anime Vice, observing all of One Piece at different points in time, all at once.

2. Do you have any favorite time travel TV shows or movies? Even if time travel isn't the main thrust of the plot. I had a hard time coming up with even a handful of time travel anime.

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Recently there have been growing support for anime projects getting direct funding from fans for releases like the Time of Eve Project which reached its goal amazingly fast and the new website Anime Sols

This is a great step in the right direction for giving fans EXACTLY what they want - so i was wondering about your thoughts on this and i ask what projects would YOU GUYS like to see funded personally, whether it be a manga that does not have an anime adaptaion or something that is out of print or something that would be really cool rebooted......

specifically what titles do you think this kind of public funding would work best for

Personally i would like to see a kickstarter for a release of LEGEND OF THE GALACTIC HEROES - official sub or dub

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Wow did not relize this thread was still alive!

questions an poor spelling to follow!

1 Would you guys do a vice pit goes to the movies review of

Would value a review of it from the vice pit as much as i will from They are the guys who do the that high praise please.

The hook would be not as sci fi fans but as Anime fans .Many times i not now super hero movies seem to be reviewed as sci fi an then as shuper hero fans will like/hate type thing.Course i mean the full movie not the you tube clip.Added bonus you could say its a buisness expence!

2 Considering past few seasons we have had sevrial good adult aimed ,adult level ( no not lewd cough mostly) anime from Psycho-Pass to Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine etc . Is the trend going to continue or will we see more anime aimed to ape the sucess of say Animated O-saru no George (Curious George) or Animation Hitsuji no Shaun (Shaun the Sheep) both made it to top 10 in ratings . Basicaly is their a anime apoclypse of cute talking curious animals ready to invade an take the place of high quality adult grade anime.

Should we panic now? Or panic later? or a little from colum a an b?

3 An finaly Spring 2013 started off poor for me but ended up with servial good anime. More the suprise really as i didnt expect to like sevrial of these shows.What from spring 2013 has been a surprise for the Vice pit crew?An of course why?

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Man, I can't think any in depth questions. Let's do a harem vs reverse harem topic.

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