Valkyria Chronicles' Alicia Wants YOU! To Buy Her Damn Game

Topic started by gia on Jan. 5, 2009. Last post by HeeroYuy 6 years, 2 months ago.
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I think she's pointing at you.
I think she's pointing at you.
In spite of generally positive reviews-- good graphics, entertaining story and gameplay, etc. --Valkyria Chronicles hasn't been selling as well as Sega had hoped. So what does any good marketer do in this situation? Well, they change marketing strategies, of course!

Kotaku spotted this new ad for the game, which features its heroine Alicia-- voiced by Marina Inoue, the seiyuu behind drool-worthy anime characters like Gurren Lagann's Yoko and Sekirei's Tsukiumi –demanding that the poster's viewer join the Gallian Militia, which of course they can't do if they haven't bought the game, right? RIGHT?

What I'm not sure of is whether this ad campaign is running in the US, Japan, or both. (P.S. Anyone wanna add Valkyria to our database? There IS an anime version in the works!)

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I've seen magazine ads but not much else.
   I think it's good game, really pretty, but not great (has a few mechanical issues). Story really disappoints in the end..
 Bringing it multi-platform seems like a good step, more people available. A few of my friends said they'd get it if they could...
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Any reason to pimp Valkyria Chronicles is a good reason. Bought the game, played it, loved it. While it is a niche game for Western gamers in general, anime fans really should try it out if they can. It's totally up our alley.
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Let me put it this way Sega, your game is good enough that if I had $400 to spend on a PS3 to play it, I would. Unfortunately though, a lot of us don't.
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I would buy it...but its only on the PS3. :( I love that ad though! :)
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I can't recommend this game enough, it's among my top 5 of 2008.

Anyway, the ad is really cool, it just may be a little late though... they should've advertised it a little more when it was released.
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That's an awesome ad.
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The only game that can get me to buy a PS3 is a new installment in the Kingdom Hearts series; and possibly Final Fantasy Versus XIII as well (because it's by the KH team).

They should've just released it for the 360. I mean, even in Japan it's not an uncommon occurance anymore for it to outsell the PS3.

Not that it would've helped a whole lot... A new IP in a niche genre is still a new IP in a niche genre -- no matter what console you release it for. But I know I would've bought it, at least; and I'm not normally interested in these tactical RPGs.
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...Does is have dual audio? :D
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My favorite game from last year.  And yes it has both a japanese and english voice track.
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I have no PS3, so I can't play Valkyria Chronicles. *cry*
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I have this game and have clocked in around 70 hours in the first week I got it.

It's definately my second favorite game of 2008, right under Metal Gear Solid 4.

Any AnimeVice user with a PS3 should definately check this out. The plot is fantastic and feels like an anime series. Amazing game is AMAZING.

Fan-service included~!
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Should I ever get a PS3, I plan on making Valkyria Chronicles one of the first games I get for it. Of course, by then, it'll probably be in the "bargain bin", but that's alright with me.
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Its a shame people are saying that this game isnt selling yet its # 5 on Amazon's best selling games on the PS3. This game is easily a must-have for any PS3 owner wanting a Strategy RPG on the console.
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Not a lot of people have the money for a PS3 right now. Also, if you look at the PS3 library of games, there aren't a whole lot of RPGs that are exclusive to the console compared to the Xbox 360. As of now, it feels as if the PS3 games are catered towards another audience. Maybe the publisher picked the wrong console to release it on. At least they shouldn't have made it exclusive.
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You know, I hate tactics games with a passion, and I don't like regular RPGs a whole lot more, but something about this game though had me hooked enough when I played it at a friend's.  I'm really REALLY tempted to spend the money I have leftover from buying books for classes on getting a PS3 now...
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Alright, Sega, I hope your happy. I just bought a PS3 specifically to play YOUR game, 30 seconds ago.
I hope it's as good as it seems and everyone tells me. Consider me conscripted for the Gallia Militia.

(And gia, I think this article was the tipping point for convincing me to get this game)
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