Unsolicited Art Gets Japanese Artist Arrested

Topic started by gia on March 10, 2009. Last post by ethan 6 years ago.
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Famous Japanese artist Yoshimoto Nara has been arrested in New York City due to a controversial new piece of art: a doodle in the New York Subway. Yup, Nara was picked up for “criminal mischief, possession of graffiti instruments, making graffiti and resisting arrest,” according to Japan Today.

Don't go freaking out and sending angry letters to the NYPD, now, Nara himself isn't even upset. His response: it was “a nice experience in my life” and kind of like being in the movies. He must have gotten put in the nice prison.

Nara's other works are available for viewing at the New York Museum of Modern Art, so if you New Yorkers like the art shown here and have time to hit up the MoMA before March 28, you might want to consider doing it.

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Should have taken the KAWS approach and made stickable graffitti.
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There's a police station in Union Square, so Yoshimoto's arrest was pretty much guaranteed. That he was nabbed the day before his show opened lends some credence that this may have been a rogue publicity stunt on his part; it worked, didn't it? :)
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transgojobot: Shame none of the publicity appeared for a couple of weeks! But yes.
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It's all par for the course, as they say (Ugh I hate cliches, why do I use them).

I support "paste ups" cause they can be taken down more easily,,,, they can also been put up in bulk :)
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