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I probably publish a "Levels of Wiki Editors," "Life of a businessman," "Bounty Hunter's Way of Life," "Image Hunter Ranks," or something. Yes, I have weird ideas. I thought this blog was too weird to publish at first.

To Superevil225:

I got your info down. You're the only businesswoman I seen on this blog. Anime Vice needs more women! (Not to be sexist.) That reminds me to do another demographic blog. (See first one)


This is really awesome! And it pretty much applies to all of the WM sites.

When I looked at Giantbomb, they do not have story arcs specialist since there are no episode or volume wiki pages. Instead, they have main game specialists (kind of like story arcs specialist but it is only one wiki page). I don't know about the other whiskey media sites. Comic Vine is like Anime Vice except it has no episodes wiki page, yet it has story arcs specialists. It's probably 90% similarity for all whiskey sites that share the same type of wiki editors.

For Giantbomb:

  • Credit Specialist - wiki editor who specializes in crediting company and people for a game.
  • Achievers - wiki editor? or quest seeking user who post their achievements via linking their home console to the world wide web.
  • Videos Adder - In the game wiki or the character wiki page, a wiki editor can add a video.
  • Platform specialists - They write about gaming consoles.
  • Accessories specialists - They write about accessories.
  • Company specialists - They are the researchers who write about companies.

Things I missed

  • Concept Editor - It's a big thing in Giant Bomb and Anime Vice. (Sorry, if I forgot about it).
  • List creator - Users who love creating lists. (In all whiskey media sites) Example: AgentJ
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@takashichea: Sweet deal. And yes... we do need more ladies. Active ones at least.
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These titles are rather amusing I must admit. I've never really been one to go searching for titles and marks of status, been a bit of a Wanderer, which I guess is a label in and of itself. This made me think of old Napoleon.

"A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon"
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