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In an attempt to recover from being without Internet access at home for two and a half hours (seriously-- I was developing a nasty twitch when the Comcast guy finally showed up), I've been showering myself in figures. Here are the best of 'em:

Mikuru (Big)
Mikuru (Big)
The first one I'm really excited about is a Mikuru (Big), also known as Adult Mikuru Asahina, spotted by Danny Choo. Why am I so thrilled for yet another figure from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya? Because I like Mikuru (Big) infinitely more than Mikuru (little). It's also a really awesome sculpt-- the pose is a little awkward, sure, but I like that they went for the moment right before the obvious choice for a figure, i.e. the moment when she shows her cleavage to Kyon as a form of ID. Her faces (there are two-- normal/happy and determined) are also beautifully done. Do want.

Next up is a figure that doesn't belong to a particular anime: it's an original design from diskvision titled [EVE]. She's extremely scantily-clad, which is awesome and all, but it's not the reason why I like her. In fact, she's not even what I would normally like in a figure by virtue primarily of her ribs showing-- a little skinny for my tastes, really. But the fact that they actually do show the rib outline is impressive, and caused me to look closer. Relatively speaking, the muscle definition here is extremely detailed compared to so many anime figures. Her panties are a little frilly for my taste, but the detail on the outfit is also impressive considering how little outfit there is, and her hair sculpting is also great. Tack on a beautiful facial expression and you've got a winner in my book.

Nendoroid Plus Lucky Star Cosplay Collection
Nendoroid Plus Lucky Star Cosplay Collection
Finally, some of you may remember the Nendoroid Plus Lucky Star Cosplay collection when it was announced a while back? We finally have photographic proof of its existence. Soooooo cuuuuuuuuute!
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Nendoroid Lucky Star Collection will be mine!
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oh man, i want that Mikuru and that EVE figure look amazing
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I want both those Mikuru and Eve figures... But I promised myself I would stop buying figures.
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