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I wanted to babble on about what a year this has been but truth be told i would be lying if i said i remembered most of what happened in these 12 months, with regards to anime and manga that is.

It took me a while to realise that at the beginning of this year the otaku realm was raving about how big of a hit psycho pass would be; now i barely remember its existence in light of the many series that have emerged as the months have progressed.

Anyway, i thought it would be a novel idea to sit down and critically analyze the year 2013 in anime and manga, but not through that most general of lenses that is ‘best anime and/manga’, instead delineating the best of manga and anime this year into some of its finer points; and because no anime or manga would be worth the hype or loath it attracts without that most important of elements that is the villain, I thought I would kick this little 2013 anime and manga ‘best of’ series off by looking at the best villains anime and manga has produced this year.

So here goes:

1. Uchiha god Madara (Naruto)

Madara Uchiha has somehow managed to reign as total bad ass, not only in the Naruto anime but the manga as well, his initial appearance in the anime, his utter decimation of the shinobi alliance only surpassed by the madness he has unleashed in the manga, his conflict with the kages and consistent ability to bring absolute destruction upon the Naruto world

2. Don Quixotte Doflamingo (One Piece)

it is disturbing to see just how far Doflamingo has come in One piece this year, this initially unimportant warlord some how breaking into the upper echelons of the pirate world as a true threat. No doubt one piece's run this year wouldn't have been the ride it has turned out to be if not for the revelations made regarding Doflamingo.

3. Shogo Makishima (Psycho Pass)

Looking back on it Psycho pass was basically the Kogami/Makishima story, and why wouldn’t it be, these two proving to be some of the most brilliant minds in the series. The reason the show reached its great heights was because of how well the Makishima/Kogami dynamic played out; and the reason this relationship played out so well was because of how devious and down right psychopathic Makishima could be, basically a virus in the perfect system of the Psycho pass world.

4. Juha bach (Bleach)

Juha bach is nothing less than the man credited for bringing soul society to its knees and murdering the man that had led it through the last millennium; and this year he cemented his determination to bring this ancient enemy of his people to its knees by launching an all out assault against the remnants of soul society. Truth be told though, i am crediting Juha bach for the actions he executed last year, as he has been largely unimportant to bleach in 2013. Normally he should have featured at the very bottom of the list, but you do not kill yamamoto Genryusai everyday.

5. Rachel (Tower of God)

There is something about the innocent nature of this character that makes her so damn unlikable; playing the desperate damsel in the early portions of the series, Rachel stands above all the villainous entities we have seen emerge on the scene in Tower of God this year, the woman that took Baam’s heart, ripped it out of his chest, crushed it, pushed the bits back in and did it again, inflicting immense amounts of hurt to her greatest proponent.

I don’t know if i can call Rachel devious; i don’t know if that word fully encompasses how manic she has proven herself to be in the manhwa this year. On the plus side though, she gave us the awesome Viole.

6. Orochimaru (Naruto)

Orochimaru is...well, Orochimaru, the original Naruto devil, his reemergence onto the scene at the beginning of this year not only shaking the structure of events in the Naruto world, but portending great things to come. As a source of great turmoil for Naruto Uzumaki one can only ponder at what his next move will be, following his efforts in resolving the Madara incident.

7. 9arts dragon (The Beaker: New Waves)

Maybe i am jumping the gun here, and maybe Nine arts hasn't yet struck villain status; and truth be told i hope this hero of the first Breaker series never turns to the dark side; but things aren't looking too good for him, especially with all the violence that has been been committed in his name. Whatever the case nine arts is the ultimate good guy turned evil character this year, and i expect events to take an explosive turn in 2014 now that he has chosen to finally come to the fro and take Seoul.

8. Hisoka (HunterXHunter)

Hisoka has been a part of the HunterXHunter world from the beginning; yet despite his early appearance, Hisoka has managed to hold his own against more recent villains more powerful villains as a truly despicable member of the HXH world; or maybe despicable isn’t quite the world to describe him. Creepy maybe…yes, creepy, disturbing, sometimes gross, but in a good way, the sort of manner villains are expected to present.

9. Chrollo Lucifer/Phantom troupe (HunterXHunter)

I don’t know if it is really possible to separate the awesomeness of the phantom troupe from Chrollo’s epicness, a villain that in truth is yet to make his mark on the HXH world, at least in my opinion, but whose presence on screen has the ability to shake the foundation of our heroes. One might go so far as to say that the phantom troupe arc was the pinnacle of the HXH anime.

10. Reiner (Attack on Titan)

The ability to infiltrate and yet remain inconspicuous to your enemy is god-sent, and Reiner did just that! Imagine walking, working, trusting the evil you so much wish to eradicate yet you’re just so blind to it.

Reiner is…well, one of SNK’s many tragedies.

Worthy mention:

-Shiro (Deadman Wonderland)- This manga didn't only have one of the more epic finales i have seen this year, it created quite a monster in shiro while also laying her bare, allowing us to explore the inner workings of her twisted mind.

Really, what allowed Shiro to shine as such a great villain this year was how tortured she seemed even as she unleashed hell against Ganta.

-Priscilla (Claymore)- Priscilla from Claymore was epic this year, especially with the revelation regarding her secrets, the nature of her power as the abyssal one with the power to create her own matter, basically making her a new kind of beast, that and the revelation about her one true weakness.

-Zephr (One Piece Film Z)- my thoughts on Film Z are somewhat skewed by how the series chose to end things, specifically the rather cliché battle between Luffy and Z at the end; none the less i liked Z as a somewhat tragic villain, wronged far too many times and taking the law into his own hands to a bring justice to the world; and his end somewhat helped cement the character in my eyes.

-Bils (Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the gods)- i liked Battle of the gods and truth be told that was largely because of Bils, a character that, though irritating initially, began to endear himself to me as the sort of villain the series hasn’t produced since the dragon ball era. More importantly they managed to avoid the clichéd ending that Film Z had with regards to the final battle between hero and villain.

And that’s it from me and this year’s list of best villains; what was your 2013 like in anime and manga? Which villains most rocked your world?

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I think it would be better if it's Top ten best antagonists of 2013 since some of them might not be villains. If a character is a villain it means that he is somewhat evil, but i.e. Hisoka or Juha Bach might not be evil. Sure they have their moments but that doesn't make them evil. That is just my opinion...

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most of them are not the villain type like Rachel

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Remind me why Madara is more prominent than Obito as a villain this year.......

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Because he didn't turn into a good guy after he was defeated and he wasn't endlessly talking about his dead girlfriend

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@SMXLR8: If you have read tower of god then you know Rachel is pretty much evil.

@phantomrant: Technically Obito is a product of madara so the credit should go to Madara. Plus the way Obito went down in the manga was pretty disappointing.

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@katmic: I do read , need to catch up though and the word is bad

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@Destinyheroknight said:

Because he didn't turn into a good guy after he was defeated and he wasn't endlessly talking about his dead girlfriend

Uh.... good guy? For all we know he's still a villain/antagonist. He was a villain for almost the entirety of the year whereas Madara hardly did anything. We don't pull him out of the category just because he got TNJ'ed and lost right this month. Madara did not have nearly the same development as a villain or an antagonist as Obito did. Maybe for NEXT YEAR he could be considered as one of the top ten, but this year is not the year for him. It rightfully belongs to Obito.

@katmic said:

Technically Obito is a product of madara so the credit should go to Madara. Plus the way Obito went down in the manga was pretty disappointing.

I don't follow. Obito was the one who did something. Madara didn't. No matter if he's a product or not, Madara should not get the recognition that he does not deserve. he may be the main villain of the series considering his influence, but THIS YEAR (2013), the impact goes to Obito.

yeah juubito was absolutely shitastic, but it's not like madara's badass takeover makes up for it. He hardly did anything during 2013. Sure, he has the potential to make this war arc interesting again, but that's not for this year. It's an insult to replace the real villain of the year in Naruto with someone else just because that someone else is "more likable" than him.

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He try to bring back everyone he kill, just like Pain did. Then he want kakashi destroy the rinnegan before Madara can get it. That sound like a good guy to me or it doesn't sound like a good villain

So, destroying the five Kages and catch the tails beasts means nothing to you. The only thing I remember Obito doing was talking about how the world is unfair

Also this is Katmic list, it his opinion

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I totally agree with Madara over Obito. Not only did i find his whining annoying, but he was talked out of his life long goal which didn't have a solid basis to begin with IMO. Madara isn't perfect but I think he has a lot fewer flaws than Obito. Also take into consideration that during the war Obito EVEN as the 10 tailed Jinchuuriki didn't defeat anyone. Madara hasn't done much either but he beat all 5 current kage and they would've died had Orochimaru not helped them.
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Obito is trash period. Madara being number 1 is well deserved for being a stone cold boss.

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I think Hisoka should be higher, the dude has his own agenda and the way he goes about fulfilling it is hilarious and methodical.

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I finished Psycho Pass last week. It was a good anime. Shōgo Makishima was an intelligent and charismatic person who had ambitions of throwing the system in chaos which will liberate everyone. I do agree with everyone on Madara and Obito. I finally caught up to Naruto, well the anime version.

I'm not too sure about Shiro. She's more of a tragic villain. I'm not the literary type, so I might messed up my definitions. Shiro's dark side was a product of her abuse by some sick scientists.

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i gotta go with starjun, the only man who has broken toriko.

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Oooh that was epic. My favorite bout I saw in 2013. But within Toriko I'd have to say Starjun was one upped as a villain by Joa. He pulled an Aizen x100.
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@taichokage: joa was impressive. my jaw dropped after what she did.

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