Top 5 worst animes (I have watched)

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It has been going on for way too long and it is the only place I know where you can be electrecuted,burned and shot by a lazer and have absolutely no damage. The reason it is not higher is because it is a kids show.Also why does Ash get the credit for his fights all he does his stand there yelling :"Go Pikachu!"
The show has a thousand plot holes(in the Final Act Rin dies and Sesshomaru's mother tells him she can't be brought back yet bring her back only minutes after).They say things like "to defeat Naraku  you must purify is jewel shard" yet didn't they say is shikon jewel was already purified?Also the show seems to stick this whole love triangle down our throats wich I do not personnally care for,Kykyo and Kagome are the same person is it such a big deal for Inuyasha to be with both? And finally if Inuyasha is immortal why doesn't he exist in Kagome's time period.
3-Fairy Tail 
 The show is too comedy orientated it litterally can't be taken seriously.There is absolutely no blood nor is there anybody dying in it. And yes blood not being there is something I can ignore but there so many moments in the show that do not make sense without it. How can Erza cut poeples without them bleeding ? Also the use of fire is very to the one in Pokémon wich means someone will get brutally burned and yet recovers a second after . The other thing I dont stand is the absence of any real purpose . In FMA(B) the plot is to get Al and Ed's bodies back,in Naruto it is to get Sasuke and to become Hokage , Fairy Tail lacks that. Another thing I am not very much a fan of is the fact that they dont seem to seperate seriousness and comedy. 
Example: Lucy and her celestial gardiens, they all look silly except the maid and how come the cow is a male?So basically Lucy has a lesbian cow always hitting on her lol 
Yes animes do have a lot of comedy hell even Death NOTE had its share of comedy with Misa but it wouldn't  interferewith serious battle scenes or plots twists.        
2-Spider Riders 
They don't give us any reaosn why Hunter goes to this world or how he got there. We just know that it is related toh is grandfather and that is grandfather was a spider rider and that somehow him being from another world make him qualified to be one.And the weirdest is that the poeples who live in the center of the Earth seem to have knowledge of the poeples livng on the surface but don't try to establish any contact. The pacing of the show is just too fast one minute Hunter arrives in this new world ,the next he is a spider rider and the next he is vainquishing the ultimate vilain.
THE SHOW IS A GIANT ADVERTISEMENT FOR the card game and why does Yugi get the credit in all when the Pharaoh is doing all the bloody work. This is even worse then Pokémon!Also I hate this shows about a certain game , they always drive it too far. In an episode you have Seto Kaiba kidnapping Yugi's granpa for a simple card.And they also talk about it being a legendary egyptian game...okay but how come they have robot cards... and how come all the characters on the cards are caucasian.The final episode is Yugi vs The Pharaoh if Yugi wins then the Pharaoh gets to rest in peace....well why doesn't the Pharaon just let himself lose?

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Pretty sure lots of poeple are gonna hate on this
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@mrassh0le: Not really, aside from Fairy tail most anime fans would probably agree with you.
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@rein: that and Inuyasha
No one will debate you about yugioh or spider rider, fuck me i don't even know what that is
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@cfatalis:  I feel a lot of people have given up on inu because of the length, but i may be wrong.
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@rein: eh the vibe i am getting from the die hards where completely different
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Thank You if you haven't already did it I recommend you check out why I dislike Fairy tail if you havent already did
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You've managed to avoid a lot of crap anime if those are the worst you've seen. 
I can't really remember my worsts.  If a show doesn't start delivering after 2 or 3 episodes I drop it and after a few weeks its existence is wiped from my memory.
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I thank the repetitious plot developments for killing my enjoyment of Inuyasha, which go as follows:
1. Naraku gets a power upgrade which the Inu-tachi can't overcome.
2. Inuyasha gains an upgrade for his sword.
3. Said upgrade's able to cripple Naraku.
4. Before killing blow is struck, Naraku flees.
5. Filler episode to settle things down from prior events, very likely involving Inuyasha and Kagome.
6. The cycle repeats.
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Fairy Tail's anime is pretty lackluster (I actually only made it to episode 12 or so before giving up) but the manga has been great.  I've been a fan of Hiro Mashima since Groove Adventure Rave (which had a pretty crappy anime).  And if this is your list of "worst", than you haven't seen much.  Hell, you didn't even mention Polyphonica, just watch this:
At least the ones you mentioned have some competency (not familiar with Spider Riders though).
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If those are the worst series you've seen, as sickVisionz said, you are a blessed soul.  There are far far far worse things out there than these.
I quite liked Fairy Tail, though not enough to keep up with it (as is the fate of any shonen series I try to follow).  
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How could you hate pokemon. 
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Pokemon was fun 
Never watched Inuyasha so IDK
YUGIOH was a great Anime 
YuGiOh GX was decent 
But the new YuGiOh is a tragedy..
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I was the kind of kid that grew up too fast
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@Morita_Shunsuke said:
" But the new YuGiOh is a tragedy.. "
This except for the fact that Ayumi does the voice for Aki that is!! =3
Pokémon kinda sucks though i still love the older episodes and i've recently began to like the B&W series a little. 

It would have been great if they quit Ash' story and make an anime about Pokémon Adventures which i'm totally digging right now ^^
Inuyasha bored me to no end, and Spider Riders? I've never seen it but judging from your opinion i never will
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When Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh first came out I thought they were pretty sweet. I liked the first ep of Fairy Tail but that is all I've seen so far (I do plan to watch the series). Have not seen Inuyasha and don't plan to. 
My five worst anime would be (in no particular order): Cowboy Bebop, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Kurozuka, Suzuka, and Tenchi in Tokyo. Even as I typed those titles I felt users ready to pounce on me for some of them.

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I agree with half of your list, but why Cowboy Bebop?
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I listed Cowboy Bebop because despite an interesting start the series just seemed to drag and I became bored. Let alone the unentertaining plots from ep to ep. An eccentric cast no doubt but I just think more could have been done.
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Well I think the ep to ep plot is pretty good. It get something different in each episodes.
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Yugioh is great 
Pokemon is good, it was great 
Spider Riders is actually good to, they play the dub on TV where I live
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