TOP 3 BEST ANIMES (I have watched)

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3-Hellsing Ultimate 
I love Alucard's slaughters,I love the dialoque.I love the Major's speech it is simply awesome and i find it amazing how they made things like the Major being evil for the sake of being evil so amazing . I loved how ALucard's quote from the SWAT team slaughter scene in OVA 4 (not sure if it is number 4) : 
"Now all that I require are your orders SIr Integra, those poeple who stand against me maybe human but I will kill  them, I AM READY TO STRIKE THEM DOWN! Without a moments hesitation without the slighest hint of regret.I can do this for you... I am a monster and I will do what need to be done but what will you do Sir Integra..My guns are ready for battle ,my sights are trained and my magazines are fully loaded... EVERYTHING IS READY AND WAITING! .... Still you must be the one to pull the trigger..."     
2-FMA and FMA(B)  
This one of the only animes i have watched where I genuinely felt sad at times.Hughes dying,Winry being seperated from Ed and Al at the end of the first movie,the daughter of Crocker being turned into a chimera .They were also moments were I felt extremely happy like when Winry and Ed have kids at the end of the Brotherhood series,the future kids ova,Ed and Al being reunited in the movie,Ed sacrificing his alchemy to triumph over the Truth and take back Alphonse.I loved how Edward wasn't just the typical shonen hero,he was actually smart,he actually had other emotions then"I AM GONNA BE THE STRONGEST OF THEM ALL!".The openings also have great music
1-Death Note 
I love this anime it is my favorite of all time.I love Light's sociopathic nature and how he tricked the investigator that was folowing him into writing the names of all the other investigators in the Death Note.I love how L tricked Kira into giving him his location.If there is one thing I detest about this TV series is the fact L wasn't the one to defeat Light.Having Near beat Light was completely dumb.I mean if you are gonna get rid of L why replace him by a character that is exactly like him it is ridiculous, all it does is make Near look like a cheap rip-off. Now enough ranting. I love how L holds all the object he has and he sits in his chair.L being my favorite character I was pretty sad when Light killed him especially he had told him he was his friend and that he was smiling at him as he was those are moments like that that make great TV.
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@mrassh0le: yo bro dont be an asshole, as spoilers to each of the paragraphs and put spoilers in the title
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@mrassh0le: Hellsing? Really. Personally I think that Hellsing is a bit overrated.
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@Superevil225 said:
" @mrassh0le: Hellsing? Really. Personally I think that Hellsing is a bit overrated. "
it is amazing, my first anime aside from kid stuff
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I always make it a rule not to jump in a “top *blank*” but this one makes we wonder about the newer generation of anime fans. What was the big deal with Death Note? I watched the anime and the live action but it didn’t wow me. I even took my non-otaku friends to watch the live action movie and they loved it. I don’t get it, maybe I watched too much anime or maybe it was the characters or maybe it was just the theme but it was only a ok show to me, maybe in my top 50 (but like I said I don’t make lists)       

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@mrassh0le said: 
Mine are 
1. One Piece
2. FMA
3. Hellsing
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Online Now
1. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann 
2. Cashern Sins 
3. Hajime no ippo
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I've seen one of those three but I know enough about them too understand we probably have very different tastes in anime.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, since I believe the medium is large enough to please all tastes.  I admit, more recent examples have been skewed towards what makes me happy, but I believe these things are cyclical.  With the death of moe, I'm sure there will be enough stronger material in circulation soon enough.  I did very much enjoy FMA: Brotherhood, though and it made my best list too for the same reasons you mentioned above, particularly the final shot of the series. LINK
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1. Hellsing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           2. Cowboy Bebop                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               3. Ghost in the Shell

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Sadly I haven't seen a lot of full animes so my opinion might not be the most informed but I thought Soul Eater was made of awesome all the way through.  Little cliched at times, but not to the point that it wasn't enjoyable.
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I haven't watched Hellsing yet. I watched the first Fullmetal Alchemist, but haven't watched an episode of Brotherhood.
Death Note as good, but I'd recommend Code Geass.
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 I am watching Code Geass
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samurai x  
cowboy bebop  
those are better stories
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