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Well as most of you most likely saw, Toonami came on last night at 12 until 5 AM, it showed all the good ol' shows like Yu yu hakusho, DBZ, Gundam Wing, and more. However lots of people are worried about it simply being a April fools joke, while others are glad it came back, this has sparked a lot of argument, most prominent is this video:

Now I for one, do not agree with this at all, I want to know what you guys think of this video and your predictions of Toonami's future. I will add more to this later. (Sorry if a thread about this has already been made.)

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It was for April Fool's day, Adult Swim does something like this yearly, last time April Fools day fell on an anime night they inserted fart noises into all the episodes, this time they revived Toonami. I find it funny that the reaction to the line up of shows is what it is, as those are the same shows aired every saturday night/sunday AM anyway
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PS: Dunno where you are getting your broadcast but they were not showing DBZ, Yu Yu Hakusho, or Gundam in my area, they were showing Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell, FLCL, Big-O, Bleach, FMA Brotherhood, and a couple other newer series
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@Phoenix_Wright: @EganTheVile1:

I wrote up a news blog talking about it's possible return

News Blog: Toonami to Return on Cartoon Network??

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