Toonami to Return on Cartoon Network??

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Though Toonami is possibly set to return to TV. Is it even needed anymore?


Rumors have been spreading for a while about Cartoon Network's plan to revive the Toonami anime programming to the channel. Even today the Adult Swim official Twitter account responded by saying:

" @adultswim: #BringBackToonami We've heard you. Thank you for your passion and interest - stay tuned. "

In its day, Toonami introduced a variety of anime series to many in the west on national TV. It began airing in 1997, and I remember getting out of football practice to get home and watch DRAGON BALL Z, among other shows. The problem is that in the future that has since brought us a wide variety of legal online streaming websites, is Toonami even needed anymore?

Think how frequently Toonami would only air the censored version of shows. This is where the infamous 4Kids edit of ONE PIECE really spread, and whole portions of OUTLAW STAR were never even aired. In this age, we now have sites such as Crunchyroll, HULU, The Anime Network, VIZ Anime,, and the companies that put whole episodes and seasons up on YouTube. I can pull these up on my computer or portable device and pause at any time.

These legal anime sites offer a much larger variety of anime that we can watch any time of the day. Often times when episodes are fresh after their airing in Japan. Toonami wont be showing these programs until years after they were originally aired. Cartoon Network has also had a shaky relationship with various anime series. Frequently, they would cancel and revive series repeatedly, or they would just repeat older shows they already aired once before. When Toonami aired these series, they were often sans any opening themes. I can name many things they take away, but what do they bring? The only thing I can come to. They possibly introduce a new set of people to series that they then dig deeper to watch other shows.

Is anyone excited for the return of Toonami, or do you plan on watching anime other places?

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I don't care, I hardly watch TV anymore

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I would watch it but not the same thing I watched when I was younger. I wouldn't mind kids watching the same kind of programming like I did, maybe expose themselves to new shows that they might not otherwise watch or give a chance.

If they did retry Toonami they would more than likely have to update it for the age group that have been clamoring for it to come back. No clue what programing or what shows they put on to do that, but I assume thats what they might try and do.

Let's just hope it doesn't end up being a carbon copy of Adult Swim.

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It would be nice to see it return but I doubt it would be successful due to competition with legal streaming options

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Wouldn't care nowadays sadly. With enough streaming sites offering legal options to watch anime whenever you feel like it, Toonami could only be relevant if they committed to bringing back Jetstream.
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Toonami blew up in a time when 56k modems reigned supreme, an 8gb hard drive was considered pointlessly massive, and the idea of streaming video over the internet was laughable. None of those are today's world. The second someone is really pulled into a series and wants to find out more about it, they'll do a Google search and the first results will tell them that they don't have to wait 7 days to see how the cliffhanger episode gets resolved. They can legally or illegally stream/download it right now and find out how it plays out. At that point, that person probably won't be watching the broadcast of that series and they'll probably think that if it worked for that show, maybe it will work for the other anime that they were watching.

I think Japan is a place that's way more hospitable to anime airing on TV and even there, the overwhelming majority of it runs at god awful post midnight time slots and the companies making it have to pay for those time slots just like how informercials pay for their time slots in the US. I don't see the US having any more success outside of those terrible hours unless it's ultra kiddy stuff like Pokemon, Doremon, Yu-Gi-Oh, etc. Especially taking into account that they probably won't be simulcasting anime, so it means that everything they air will be available in it's entirety online at the click of a button.

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I don't see it reaching a very big audience. The people petitioning for it to return will probably lose interest after a week or two of watching. They can't just repeat the same old shows they used to, and I doubt the nostalgic crowd really want to watch many recent anime.

I think most people that care about anime are already watching it online.

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A Toonami style block of programming on Cartoon Network can work if they keep shows rotating in and out. They don't need super popular shows but they need to keep it changing to keep people watching weird but light and fluffy shows.

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It was only for april fool's day, but it was a fun night.
I will be proven right Saturday and your face will be red when the forum you locked was the one with the accurate take on the Toonami return, If I am wrong and Toonami is back I will humbly rock Skippy the Cat as my avatar for a year.
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imo they should take toonami and adult swim and combine them... Show the uncut episodes up to a point and show at least one long running show with a bunch of other anime that is at least going to last the month. Make Saturday nights a night of Legend once again, and not just another blah night. For like it was stated before Toonami was at once a primary source of new and older animes, exposing us to the imaginations of great minds around the world. But even if it was just a one night thing it was a great gift and blast from the past.

May we all remember the past and learn from it, and not make past mistakes over and over again....


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Adult Swim was originally just anime, then it became more about their original programming. Adult Swim even started treating anime with a level of contempt. I personally stopped watching it years ago, but if can bring in more viewers. I don't see why it can't return. I just don't plan to watch it.


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Keep it alive on TV. We can't let bastards infect the minds of our children!

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I think if Toonami comes back it would be great yeah there are a lot of websites where you can watch anime. however there are still a lot people who don't know much about anime and how great it is and Toonami brings it to them. plus i don't think Dragonballz or Yu yu hakusho and many more would be as big if it weren't for Toonami.

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It wouldn't be any effect for me if it returns, not for a while at least. there was a time I had the US version of CN, but the network people became lame and gave us the Latin America version. the shows are in English, but they are at least 6months to a year behind in some cases. I would watch it if it came on tv here, considering the luxury of watching whatever anime you want is rather limited at my house, since the internet drops to aggravating levels the moment 2 people begin to use it at the same time, which happens pretty frequently now.

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I think it's a bad idea. Anime as mainstream entertainment in the West has had it's day for now. It's back to niche status again. If you look around, there's a lot of animosity directed at the medium from the Western public so, I doubt a new Toonami will get much of an audience. Anyone who is into anime already is watching it through streaming services or DVD/BDs. TV is not our only option these days as it was in the 90's. Besides, if Disney XD's Naruto Shippuden and NickToon's Dragon Ball Kai are any example of what we can expect from a revived CN Toonami, I am not interested at all. Those shonen shows are horribly edited for cable broadcast. I can't imagine something new like Beelzebub ever airing on Toonami even if it is another shonen.

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Personally I loved Toonami back in the 90s and would welcome it back with open arms. When I put on adult swim April's Fool night and saw Tom and the Toonami logo I thought I died. Whether it was a joke or not I loved it to see something like the original Dragon Ball Z without being ruined by Nicktoon's Kai version was amazing. I stayed up most of the night watching all the way to Outlaw Star normally I can barely get though the repeats of Durarara let alone FMA brotherhood. I was disappointed that I went to sleep before Yu Yu Hakusho but still I was heaven. Some of you are saying it wouldn't work but I think it could I hate the fact that Adult Swim sold out to have crap shows like Children Hospital, Eagle Heart, Delocated, etc. on. I think it should be a treat for those who watch adult swim every Saturday night for them to bring back Toonami not to get new viewers or try new stuff but something for those hardcore fans. They could have a mix of newer shows and old 90s shows on every Saturday would that be too much to ask.

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