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Yes, I'm sure you're sick to death of threads like this but I think Tobi pretty much just confirmed it in the latest Naruto chapter.

He directly spoke to Kakashi there, hinting at some kind of past relationship.
He directly spoke to Kakashi there, hinting at some kind of past relationship.

Given everything else we know about Tobi.

  • Sharingan only in one eye. Conveniently his other eye has always not been shown, the same eye which was given to Kakashi.
  • Wasn't half his body all bolted up and his head, torso and legs were all shown to be bandaged up too.
  • He uses Space/Time Ninjutsu and surprise surprise Kakashi's MS is also a Space/Time Ninjutsu. No other MS user has shown such an ability.

For me, it's as clear as day that Tobi is Obito. Everyone thinks that it would be too obvious but what you have to remember is that Kishimoto already knows how this manga is going to end and he's not going to change such a big point in the story just because everyone figured out who Tobi was fairly easily.

Any opinions? People have said he was Madara or Danzo but given current evidence I'd say that both are impossible.

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I refuse to believe Tobi is Obito

Anyway, couldn't you use the other one hundred Tobi threads, instead of making a new one?

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Actually I did some research and I found this

Tobi shows he has 2 sharingan
Tobi shows he has 2 sharingan

This does slightly discredit the Tobi=Obito theory. However, it's entirely possible that he stole another Uchiha's eye because for some reason they do seem to enjoy stealing each other's eyes. Plus the fact that he always kept that eye hidden, makes me think that maybe he's not proud about that eye and tries to keep it hidden or something.

What do you guys think? New character? Obito?

The fact that he has some kind of specific relationship with Kakashi, almost a hate, makes me lean towards the Obito theory.

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@Destinyheroknight: They're so old and this was like brand new evidence. I can understand why a lot of people would think that it wasn't Obito because it seems to obvious, but given all the similarities I think Obito is the most likely candidate for Tobi.

It certainly has more weight than him being either Danzo or Madara.

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You can always bump it, there no reason to make a new thread every time there new info. It just silly

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W/e if I bumped an old thread you'd probably be saying why did you bump an old thread. It really doesn't make a difference and I haven't seen any such thread since I've been here so they must be really old and the information in them is probably old and irrelevant.

You have a point though, and if someone absolutely wants this to be locked that I can understand that. I don't see the point, but w/e.

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I wouldn't care at all, since I really tire of seeing Tobi is Obito threads. It just repeating the same thing over and over with a little new info

Man, it like Pein is Minato all over again

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Physical reasons aside, I just don't see why Obito would want to form a rogue ninja outift, murder Jinchuriki, and brain wash the whole world. Nothing about his character or personality suggests he'd be like that. He was actually super goody goody the power of love and friendship conquers all like Naruto, Rock Lee, etc. On top of that, anybody who knows about Kakashi's dad could assume he had a life full of regret. When Kakashi and Obito were kids, what were some examples of Kakashi opening his mouth and regretting it? In the flashback arc, it was suggested that Kakashi regularly saved the day so what would Tobito have been referring to other than generic info that anyone who's heard of a world famous ninja would know?

There was a gif that I saw online somewhere that had like every character in Naruto that's had bandages and/or something covering their eye with the phrase, "Tobi?" written on it. That gif is super appropriate for Obito threads imo.

Playing devil's advocate though, if anyone tried to say that the second pic with Tobi having two sharingans is proof that it isn't Obito, you should bring up that Tobi has a massive collection of like 50 Uchiha eyeballs that he can plop in and out whenever he wants to.

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I could be wrong on this but wouldn't Obito have been a kid during the nine tails attack on the village?

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@Destinyheroknight: You "tire" of seeing these threads lol. Well simply don't look at them then, ignore it, pretend it isn't there.

Both of you raise valid points. However given the fact that he wears a mask, for me, indicates that he is likely someone that we know or would know. Plus if anime has taught me anything, it's usually the most kind and loving person, that after experiencing some kind of freak accident, turns into someone crazy. Plus the fact that it was so directly aimed at Kakashi, it's not going to simply be someone that's just had a brief encounter with Kakashi in the past. It's definitely someone that knows Kakashi quite intimately.

As for the age thing, I really have no valid explanation for that and it's one of the best comebacks for the whole Tobito argument. However Tobi is really proficient with Space/Time ninjutsu and it's entirely possible that he could actually have done some form of time travel. Unlikely, but still possible.

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Kind of hard to ignore when you keep reply to me and you bumping the thread :(

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actually, tobi and obito are possibly one. it is possible that tobi use izanagi ( same as Danzo's other eye close by using izanagi) to escape the special attack of konan. after tobi use izanagi, his left eye close on that chapter the same as the other eye of Danzo after using izanagi ^__^

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@rinray_messai06: Eyes are totally irrelevant and aren't any type of proof or evidence of Tobi being Obito. Maybe for a time it could be have been, but after the Konan fight they revealed that he has a collection of like 50 pairs of eyes that he swaps in and out as he sees fit.

Any missing Obito eye has long since been replaced and any left/right eye stuff is coincidence since it's not like the eyes he had at the time are the only ones that he can or has ever used.

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I believe that Tobi might be Obito

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@ohgodwhy: Going by the latest chapter Tobi possibly stole Obito's other eye.

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@ohgodwhy: his left eye looks or maybe Madara's Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan... ^.^

isn't it ... :D

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@SpeedForceSpider: That's likely yeah. Either way that eye of his definitely belongs to Obito but whether or not Tobi is Obito or not is still yet to be revealed.

The fact that Tobi keeps whining on about Kakashi's past mistakes still makes me think that it is Obito and he says that Kakashi failed to create the perfect world and he will succeed where Kakashi could not and he knows Kakashi visits the graves shows that he is someone who is related to Kakashi quite closely.

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@ohgodwhy: Yeah its possible it is Obito. But the fact that he is corrupt in his ways bugs me on this theory. But they definitely have a history that's for sure.

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nishi99 I think u have a great point. kakashi was about the age of 15 when the Nine tails was destroying the village which was released by tobi who was fighting Minato at the same time that was occurring.

Unless the Sharingan has also the ability to accelerate puberty and turn u into a grown size man and make ur comrades look like lil kids then its a little logical then to assume that Obito might NOT be Tobi

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Just look at his name: TOBI,

If u reverse it, his name became BITO

n simply put an O in front of BITO; it became OBITO

I knew it he is OBITO long ago, really smart Kishimoto

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