time to choose the next HST?

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so naruto and bleach are ending soon. have you thought about which series could be part of the next HST? here are my suggestions:


well obvious reasons, besides being my favourite series it has been doing crossovers with one piece and dragon ball, that means the ones on top want to promote this series.

2.- MAGI

this series have been increasing in popularity at an outstanding rate. i definitely has a shot both in story and popularity

3.- HunterXHunter

Great story, likeable characters, the powers are creative.

4.- Fairy Tail

this is a very popular series and the characters are extremely likeable, fan service included.


This is a personal bet. UQ holder has the potential to become the next big thing. mark my words. i predicted toriko getting big and this will too.

so what do you guys think? which are you nominees for the next big trio?

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possibly Toriko or Fairy Tail.

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Toriko given its success and ratings

Fairy Tail is more prominent and popular tho.

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Magi (Weekly Shonen Sunday) and Attack on Titan (Bessatsu Shonen Magazine) are the hottest manga series in Japan. For Kodansha US, Attack on Titan manga sales have been successful. Fairy Tail (Weekly Shonen Magazine) for Kodansha is doing well but without too much hype. I only know manga successes.

Anime is a major key factor because its accessibility and it generally makes more money than selling manga. I don't know about anime sales well enough. Fairy Tail anime ended while Toriko and Magi anime are still ongoing. For Magi, I know that series well. It has potential, but the anime fell short on its expectations. It produced an anime series too early for its manga series. It will run into a dead end filled with fillers just like Bleach and Naruto within a year. Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece are successful because they knew how to adjust their pacing in this endurance run. Magi and Fairy Tail will run out.

To me, HST needs their definition tweaked. We're assuming these new series run for 5 years or more. For Magi and Fairy Tail, they're going to end soon within 5 years for the manga. Attack on Titan's mangaka proposes a set limit, 20 volumes.


Also, you got to account for the dub anime series. If you have something like DBZ or Fullmetal Alchemist dub, Americans will buy it in a heart beat. Fairy Tail's FUNimation dub wasn't make much of a hit across the community. I'm not sure about Toriko's dub. Magi's dub is on Neon Alley. Since it's dub premiered early this fall semester, it's too early to tell.

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If Naruto and Bleach go poof, then I'd likely imagine the next long-runners or heavily hyped titles to be in line. In this case, Toriko and Hunter x Hunter.

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I thought the big 3 were referring to the top 3 weekly jump series. But if any weekly series will do, HXH WILL be one of them but only if Togashi decides to nix his hiatus habit. It would've been big 3 already and probably could've outsold Naruto and Bleach. Magi is pretty much in the lead for most popular weekly action Shounen after One Piece. Toriko has the potential too, but it along with pretty much every jump series other than One Piece and HXH dropped in sales somewhat. Even Fairy Tail dropped. But I'm guessing the 2014 big 3 will be One Piece, Magi and a toss up between Toriko and Fairy Tail. Again this is assuming we are talking only about weekly action manga, otherwise Kuroko no Basket and Shingeki no Kyojin will likely get 2 and 3 again.
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These are my picks

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Toriko and Fairy Tail seem like they could fit in the HST.

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Toriko would be a safe bet for 1 and Hunter X Hunter for 2. I haven't started either Magi or Fairy Tale so I don't have an opinion on those.

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Toriko is number 1 no questions, but I wouldn't have HXH up there. Isn't the author on hiatus or something?

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@SpeedForceSpider said:

Toriko is number 1 no questions, but I wouldn't have HXH up there. Isn't the author on hiatus or something?

It is announced to be back this month, and even though it is on hiatus for about two years now the sales of HxH manga is just as high as if it's weekly published. HxH sure have the potential but it needs to be published weekly to be a part of the HST.

I would like to take this opportunity to mention Claymore manga. IMO it is better than Bleach and Naruto by far.

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I think Toriko and Magi are the best/most likely candidates.

HxH is as good as the others, better than some, but it's as old as One Piece and takes LONG hiatus way too often.

Fairy Tail's anime already ended, and the manga IMO isn't headed in any specific direction.

UQ Holder I haven't heard of, may have to check it out.

@othus12: Have you read the most recent Toriko chapter? It seems Toriko could overshadow DBZ in power before long.

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HXH back? I thought hell would freeze over first. Also for those who don't know, Fairy Tail anime was also announced to continue in April 2014.


Added ANN link

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@othus12: UQ attraced my attention when i saw all the pages and i was very pleased

by the way another series that i like is Feng Shen Ji

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@ImDictatorBowDown: indeed. the capture levels shown are just amazing. to think the 4 beast was continent x4 at only 350 makes me start to wonder just how powerful the likes of ashurasaurus and battle wolf are.

@ninja2170: its going pretty good, i havent checked Feng so maybe i'll start reading it soon!

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@othus12: I wonder what Ichiryuu's CLVL was: 7000? 8000? over 9000? Still the chapter put the top tier end of the verse into perspective.

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I'll throw World Trigger into the hat, I have high hopes for that series

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@ImDictatorBowDown: it was stated that both ichiryuu and midora held back on that fight. besides ashurasaurus being lvl 4000 tells something very important: it takes both jirou and setsuno to bring it down. which means the eight kings are more powerful than jiro,midora and ichiryuu.

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@othus12: Really? I didn't know it took a combo to bring it down, still were they in their prime? Even the 4 beast was considered a threat to them at one point or another and the rate at which they improve is drastic, Toriko just went from getting his ass handed to him by the 4 beast to forcing a stronger beast to dodge in a single fight.

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@ImDictatorBowDown: actually the 4 beast was on a complete different level back then, the 4 heavenly kings only managed to defeat it because jiro applied knocking to it a long time ago and that sealed its full power.

and yeah jirou was wayy stronger than he is now. remember that acacia sealed his full power and started teaching him knocking techniques. in fact he can get those powers back whenever he wants. starjun suggested jirou to release his knocking so that he could stop the meteor spice but in the end jirou refused. that tells us just how dangerous a full powered jiro is to the planet.

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