Tiger & Bunny 25: why would you do that.... (no spoilers)

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I'll keep this brief as after watching that episode, I could really use some Game Center CX to wash the after taste away.
After the events of 24, there were speculations on just how the newly announced season of Tiger & Bunny would effect the finale.  Now that it's aired, I think it is safe to say the answer to that is horribly.  Let's cut the episode up into two halves: the halve that was obviously originally planned from the start, and the half that was contrived up to justify yet another season.  The first half ended around the 15 minute mark, and yet most likely was meant to be a full 30 minute episode.  Multiple scenes suffered from some rather absurd discontinuity because of what felt like cut portions and a generally rushed pace ruined a good final fight.  
The second half was equally bad.  Major contrivances were introduced to justify a second season and while Tiger & Bunny is a show not unfamiliar with goofiness, this just felt dumb and poorly executed.  My only wish right now is for the DVD release of the show to air some sort of Special for the finale and reinsert the cut scenes.  Of course, there is also the chance that the final episode was just poorly executed in both halves from the get-go in which case, god damnit.
Given that Tom has an active running series on this show, lets try to keep all discussion (and by that I mean bitching and moaning) spoiler free.
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