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So, due to the lack of change in the top users in general, I'm restructuring the userday a little bit and ditching the “top user” mentions. But to make up for it, I'm going to start spotlighting some of your reviews!


You guys are really searching through the history books these days! Amongst the top-edited pages are mostly from Mobile Suit Gundam (as in the first series), as well as Japan's first superhero Golden Bat, which I'd never even heard of!


I have a challenge for you this week: show me your worst Poke-puns! Meanwhile you guys are working out the best places to get visual novels online, playing the newest Mobile Suit Gundam game, Roshi shares a cute work story, aaaaaaaand...I still want you to let me know what you want me to do at New York Comic Con!


Lots of good stuff to read: RedRoses gives us an update on the “un-progress” of her Yoko cosplay, Shizuki talks about a recent ITMedia article about the state of the anime industry (which will be in the required reading tomorrow too), and Void Wizard goes on a spending spree. Oh, and you guys shared your favorite anime tour guides. Heehee.


Now, not a ton of you guys are doing reviews, but several of you are really dedicated. I'd like to see more of you on these, so go ahead and tell us what you think about your favorite (or least favorite) show! Just browse to the series page. If you want to see what the others are doing, try checking out OkazukiIchigo's extensive review of Monster, Black_Rose's review of Samurai 7, and ComeradeCrash's review of Fullmetal Alchemist (the manga)-- just scroll down to the reviews area to see them.

Or you could just check out the reviews page. Go ahead, give it a try!

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Puts the history book away lol XD
yeah i did do all that because my Italian family took Fantaman dvd`s with them for me and after watching it with german subs i knew i just had to add him to the site :)
I<3 the cheesy music but i have to admit its better in Japanese XD
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I'm trying to think of a poke-pun but first i must remember the pokemon xP
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Thanks for the mention! Due to exams this week, I cannot update my wikis but I'm sure to review more anime in the future.
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Haha thanks for the mention XD Though I hopefully will get a better update with gun progress pics next  :)

Hmm... I don't think I've added a review yet. Actually haven't been editing wiki in general for a while (finals have taken over my life). I'll hopefully get back on track next weekend.
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OkazukiIchigo said:
"Thanks for the mention! Due to exams this week, I cannot update my wikis but I'm sure to review more anime in the future."
Pretty much the same here, Uni's been driving me crazy these past few days and only allows me to post every once in a while. I'll be much more active soon.
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