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Just because I wasn't posting doesn't mean you guys weren't, so here's a quick round-up of the Anime Vice week (it's quick because it WAS relatively quiet here throughout the holidays):

Top Users:

  • On the wiki, Resonate pulled to the top of the list and now even challenges me at 47,654 (but he was definitely NOT beating me for a few minutes there. Absolutely not!). Accordingly, jlrm01 has dropped to second place with 43,742 and RedRoses has usurped Rain_Man. Congrats!
  • As for the forums...come on guys, this is embarassing. Rain_Man is still tops at 1,130, which is the exact same number he had last week! Jewel and Dawnwalker are still second and third with 975, and 832 respectively. Let's see some movement here, okay?



  • A lot's been done on the wiki, and yes, we're behind on accepting submissions-- we've got another bug, and yes, we're working on it. That said, I've added a few concepts for you to play with: Shoujo, Mech, Figures, and Japanese Food. We already had Shounen, but if someone wants to add Josei and Seinen, that'd be great! As for Figures, we'd love to get some of your photos of the figures you've bought over the years, so if you have any I hope you'll upload pictures to that page!



  • The blogs are staying pretty quiet overall, but Jewel wonders-- out of curiosity only –what it is about forum RPGs that's so off-putting to some, Ethan makes even more updates to the site, and a bunch of us have an impressive discussion about the science of sleep.

Okay, that's it. I'm gonna go have a family dinner, and I'll post the Whiskey Media Family Friday later!

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