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HA! Bet you thought I'd forget again, didn't you? DIDN'T YOU?

User of the Week:

This week's User of the Week is Sonata, who is also our top forum user and also one of our regular wiki submitters! I'm also particularly fond of her for having submitted info on hentai series as well as mainstream titles like Ikki Tousen and Basilisk. Keep on fighting the good fight, Sonata!


The wiki submissions have been slowing down, and it's defintely not because we're running out of stuff to put into the database! So I hope you'll all keep chugging away. If you're not sure how to get started, here are some of the things we really need:

  • Cast lists! I know it's annoying that you can't mass-add a cast to a show, and we're working on it-- but if you can add a solid cast and/or staff list for the first episode of a show, it'll give us something to work with!

  • One of the coolest things about our wiki, I think, is the ability to fill out episode summaries and flesh out full character pages. Go ahead and start filling in the info as you're watching a new (to you) show!


I've started a new forum thread specifically for titles you want to request reviews of, so that I can do my best to git'r done, as it were. This is generally geared to new releases in North America (I'll always do my first-episode reviews of new shows in Japan-- but it's hard to get review copies imported!). So if I tell you some new manga has just been licensed and you want to get a review of it-- mention it in the thread!

Flyvapnet offers a pretty amusic philosophical stance on when it's okay to hate a female character (or rather, when it's not). NovidAnon wonders if Twitter might be the new 2ch, and LordHaseo celebrates the “Otaku Mall” of Japan. Ahhh...I need to go back to Japan.


It's Bubblestikicrown's birthday! Everyone offer well-wishes! Shizuki loves the new dub of Freedom, HeeroYuy shares pics from the upcoming Valkyria Chronicle anime, and DJTyrant asks if anyone is planning on trying out the newest Evangelion iPhone applications.

...To which I respond: check back tomorrow!

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I'd add cast lists to character lists on the episodes of the stuff I've worked on, but 3/4 the time the person that played their role isn't in the database and I don't know squat about their voice actors most of the time.
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Congrats Son!!!! :) yeah i should do more on the wiki XD
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YAY!!! Thanks everyone!!!! I'll do my best!!:)
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I'd do some more wiki stuff if I had a bit more time. But I'm a busy guy!
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Tossing in some quick pics is an easy way to get pointsXD
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Congrats Sonata~ *insert balloons and confetti here*

I've gotten lazy when it comes to the wiki. Gotta get back on track... eventually. ;P
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lol Thanks Red:)
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Why does uploading pictures give so many points anyway? Most sections need descriptions far more than pictures, and writing a description doesn't seem to get you anywhere near as many points as dumping a picture folder.
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HeeroYuy said:
"Why does uploading pictures give so many points anyway? Most sections need descriptions far more than pictures, and writing a description doesn't seem to get you anywhere near as many points as dumping a picture folder."
Many points? Each image gives 1 point, and an additional point per gallery. So, most images will probably get 2 points. Is that too much? I'd say that if anyone is looking for points, adding episodes or manga volumes is the way to go. Also, articles can give quite a lot of points. For example, I'd have to upload more than 5,000 images to equate Edward's page in points. Should they be worth 0 points?

Articles were increased in points at GB (and afterwards a few people complained that too many points were awarded)... but I'm not sure if the points here are the same as at GB...

Given that I'm an "Image Uploader" I'll make another comment.... And I don't know about others, but I don't "dump a picture folder". I get all the images I can get, using usually at least 2 sources, and select the images I like the most. The more images are available, probably the more images will be selected (but not always). I don't post everything I find. If I did that I would have at least double the points I have. I like to post my favorite images for any character I can find. If I only find 3 images and I like all 3, then I will "dump the folder", I guess.

Selecting my favorites, say, among 3000 or more images (like for some of the most popular characters) to only upload 300 or so (in some cases, in others more).... takes quite a bit of time. I sometimes wonder if people are aware of how many images are available for certain characters... (In fact sometimes I avoid certain characters because I know it will take me quite a lot of time to classify the images...)

Even if images were worth 0 points, I would still upload images. That comment brings me déjà vu (from things that happened at GB)....
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Sonata wa Sugoi Desu, Ne? Ganbare!!!
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No, I'm not saying they shouldn't be worth anything, I'm just saying that when I can write an entire article for a character and get only a tenth of the points as taking a rapidshare folder I found of pics of that same character (sort out the adult ones) and upload them, that's a that pictures take virtually nothing to upload or add by comparison. I mean, we don't NEED 400+ pictures of one character...

As for the Edward Elric page.... personally I think it's a bit ridiculous overkill and that most of it should be under the series description rather than the character description, but that's my personal conjecture. HOWEVER, the amount of effort it would take to write something as insanely long and detailed as that Edward Elric page would be exponentially more difficult than digging up 1000 pictures of five different characters....Hell, I've got over 2,800 unique pictures of Rin Tohsaka alone (over 12,000 of Fate/Stay Night)but I'm not gonna waste their hard drive space on something that ultimately serves very little purpose. It only takes maybe 200 at most to get the point across, you don't need 500+...

The only reason I could see for uploading a large amount of pictures like that is if you were perhaps using them as screencaps for a movie or episode or something, and then if you wanted to capitalize on the points potential, add character tags to some of the ones they appear in.
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