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It's time once more, my friends, to skip over what I've been up to (mostly) and look into your own goings-on!


  • TOP USERS: No change in the top two (RedRoses and OkazukiIchigo), but Resonate has bumped jlrm01 back off of the top three. The rest of you are still way behind. I might not even mention the top users much longer if there aren't more changes! (Seriously, I'm searching for a way to find the weekly top users instead of overall.)
  • HOT TOPICS: This week's most-edited page is the Rider System from the tokusatsu series Kamen Rider. Other popular wiki articles this week were Saber Marionette J episode one, the second episode of Ga-Rei Zero, aaaand a personal favorite: Space Pirate Ryoko.
  • WANNA HELP? I can't believe people haven't jumped all over the Valkyria Chronicles pages, although HeeroYuy did add the three main characters. Other recent additions include Light Novels and J-dramas, plus 2ch. Heehee.


  • TOP USERS: Same problem here as with the's always the same people! This week is also the same order: Rain_Man, Devilly, and Jewel as #1, 2, and 3 respectively. Sigh!
  • HOT TOPICS: Movies, movies, movies! Keanu in Bebop and Chun-Li were two of the biggest discussions this week. Axersia shared a particularly interesting Visual Kei video, the Hot Asian Chick thread continues unabated (woohoo!), and we seem to be nearing a consensus on the name of our mascot: Miami, pronounced in the Japnaese style (mee-ah-mee みあみ). What do you think?


A fair number of you blogged about whether or not you could handle high school without a cell phone-- many of you poo-poo'd the idea that it'd cause you any problems. (I suddenly feel so young for not feeling the same! Although as a drama nerd, I spent a LOT of time at school after hours, so being in touch with my parents and friends was pretty important for me.)

We also talked about whether we'll ever see a new Haruhi anime, Ethan continues programming away to help us all out, gleowine learns why you should always follow a recipe's instructions the first time you make something, and Shizuki talks up the manga Pumpkin Scissors.

You guys having a good time?

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  1. Only (edit) 21 posts left and im #01 yay!
  2. That high edit count on the Rider system page is my fault sorry >_>
  3. The Kamen Rider franchise page is waaaaaaay from finished XD
  4. Glad you like my thread :)
  5. Miami yay!
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Sadly, I think the fervor from the first week or so of the site launch has worn off... At least, I know I'm not too motivated to add more to the wiki at the moment. I've been meaning to write up an in-depth review-kinda-thing of the site but haven't gotten around to that either. I kind of wish more people did Trivia and submitted fanfiction though. :c
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I agree with Kiriska. I had such drive when the site was newly opened but it has died down considerably. I still add quite a bit but not as much as when I just joined. I'll still do stuff though, I'm not going to stop~
I guess another reason I was so fervent in adding stuff was because I was on vacation from school but still.

I do like the idea of the weekly top editors mentioned. That'll actually change per week more quickly compared to overall.

Miami sounds fine. It's a cute name I guess. There should be an official poll up for the name so people can vote.
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I don't know enough to edit the wikis same  with giant bomb. haha
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Actually Gia, I'd have already posted a full synopsis on everything VC related if it weren't for the fact that since it isn't out yet, I can't really say much about the anime. I was thinking of adding the manga though since I have read the first volume and working from their, but there really isn't much in it, and I don't think the second one is out yet.
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To be honest, i hate the name.
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Ugh, I've been on and off re: episode summaries for various animu I've seen. My time has just been occupied by other things, and unfortunately we're not getting enough fresh blood to help pick up the slack.

On another note, props to you for using a picture I uploaded.
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