Thursday is Userday 01/15/09

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It seemed to go well last week, so I'm going to keep on keepin' on with the new Userday format. This week may be a little off from past weeks because we've got a little bug in the user activity feed, but I'll do my best-- ganbarimasu!


TOP USERS: No change in the top three except them continuing to build on more and more points: RedRoses, OkazukiIchigo, and jlrm01 are first, second, and third, respectively. There's still a HUGE gap between #4 (jlrm01) and #5 (Xephon225), though-- almost 20,000 points. Eep!

HOT TOPICS: I've been adding the things that I've been writing about as I go-- Rideback, Jewel Pet, Hetalia...and I appreciate those of you who have been doing the same!


TOP USERS: A mild shuffle here-- Devilly takes over the second spot from Jewel, who moves into third, while Rain_Man still sits pretty on top of the pile. Yawn!

HOT TOPICS: We've had a wide variety of discussions this week, from the richest anime characters to 3D vs 2D to dealing with anime haters and of course, sharing our desktop pictures.


Shizuki talks up a really gorgeous figure from Queen's Blade, a game (and soon anime) franchise whose only purpose is to be incredibly good-looking. She also talks about some of the difficulties being seen even in the adult DVD industry (SFW). That isn't a complaint. Meanwhile a lot of us talked about our favorite new anime and the ever-present Spike vs Kamina debate. NovidAnon offers a cool look at some oldschool anime,

And I'm still taking feedback on the First Date reviews, so if you've found them helpful or utterly boring or anything else, let me know!


It makes me sad that the fanfiction feature doesn't get used a lot, so here's another reminder of its existence. If you don't have any fanfiction (or other documents) to share, mention it to your fanfic-writing friends!

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im actually quite busy in the fan-fic section im just not ready to publish :)
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I suck at writing creatively. I can write essays and such just fine but creative stories and the like? I epically fail. I can however beta read fan fiction if I know the series. I'm a stickler for proper grammar, flow, and all that jazz.
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RedRoses: It's the fanfiction section, officially, but you'll notice that several of the pieces aren't actually fics-- site guides and the like, for example. You'd be more than welcome to use it for essays if you wanted! :)
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Ahahaha so technically I can post my essays I wrote in AP English last year about cosplaying then? Oh deary me. Maybe I shall later. =3
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Are those seven the only published fanfics on the site? And two of them are site guides!
The numbers don't increment properly though, so I assume that means there are other fanfictions in the works that just haven't been published yet.

But it's pretty much the same thing on Giant Bomb. The only person really passionate about guides is Lies.
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