Thursday is Userday! 01/01/2009

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So, here's the low-down on what went on in the final week of 2008 amongst you user-types, starting with the top users:

Top Wiki Users:

RedRoses jumped to the top of the list this week! She now has 60,665-- congrats! Resonate sits pretty in 2 place with 49,159 and jlrm01 isn't too far behind with 43,952. The next-nearest to the top three is OkazukiIchigo down at 25,662-- so keep on chugging, everyone!

Top Forum Users:

A liiiiittle bit of movement here: Rain_Man is first, Jewel is second, but Devilly has supplanted Dawnwalker in 3 place. The differences are mostly a fair bit smaller on the forum side, too, so there should be plenty of opportunity for advancement there, 'k?


We've had a few companies added to the database:, Ken Media, and Enterbrain. I also noticed one of you added Josei per my request last week-- thanks! Since it worked last week, I'll offer another request: fill in as much info about Companies as you can! I know we're missing plenty (even a couple that have popped up in the last few days of news, like Discotek)-- that'd be great to have. Also, don't forget to let us know if there are any duplicate pages!


Let's see, we've been talking about New Years resolutions, importing manga from Japan, and the new Street Fighter movie, and that's just the questions of the day! There's also been a lot of talk about racism in anime, the best anime theme songs, and, as always, what's going through our heads.


Little_Sparrow wonders about what people think the most overrated anime are (we've had a forum thread like this too), Jhentoh has a few questions about Evangelion, and-- oh yes –I want you to help me decide what to make for dinner.

Carry on!

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Thank ya kindly :)

Sadly, I don't know much about companies so I have nothing to contribute for those. Hopefully others can!
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Right on.  Cool way of involving the community.
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Thanks for the mention! :D
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