Thoughts on First Dates?

Topic started by gia on Jan. 12, 2009. Last post by OkazukiIchigo 6 years, 2 months ago.
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So I've posted a whole bunch of these First Dates now. The comments are neither numerous nor very descriptive, so I wanted to ask-- are you guys finding those enjoyable and/or helpful? Is there anything I'm not mentioning in these reviews that you'd like to know, or am I giving away too much of the first episodes' plots, anything along those lines?

Give me feedback! GIVE ME FEEDBACK! It is my sole sustenance!...not. <3
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I don't normally comment on them because I don't really have anything to add other than "yes I agree with your points" or "no I don't but I have no basis why I don't enjoy something you like (or vice versa)." I'd rather not clutter up with useless comments. Just my personal choice though.

They can be helpful when I haven't checked out the first episode of *insert new anime here* because they're insightful and pretty detailed for the first episode recount. Though ultimately it's still my choice whether to check it or not, the First Dates help wade through ones I know I wouldn't enjoy versus ones I would.

tl;dr: I read them but I don't normally comment. They're helpful.
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Basically the same as RedRoses. That, and I haven't been spending anywhere near as much time even on my computer to comment thanks to Valkyria Chronicles. Personally I think they're nice and give a good second perspective and many times they catch things I don't notice myself.
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Thanks, guys :)
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i havent read them, im afraid. maybe next time i see one ILL READ IT FO YAW!
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Just to add something for the peeps who read them and say they don't comment because they don't want to clutter up the board, you could always rate the post up if you find it useful, that way you can leave some small sign that says it has been acknowledged without posting an unnecessary post.
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These reviews are really helpful, I've never read reviews that are related outside of video gaming. Since then, I watched alot of anime without reading reviews, some passed my expectations and most didn't. To be honest, I have never grab the attention of an anime until someone recommends it and provide indepth detail.

Until now, curiosity may have proven that.
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