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I can't help but feel like I overdid my ship list. I just went down my MAL lists and started adding pairings. Have fun if you're curious.

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@AnimeDefender: I knew Goku x Vegeta was a thing!

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How did I miss your comment? Oh god, that made my day. Rin is definitely bi. She can't denied it. Those days working on the Implied Sex Scene project was awesome.

I was the only who had a yaoi example. We had plenty of yuri examples.

For Tenchi Muyu, I'm leaning towards Ryoko and Tenchi. For Tenchi in Little Tokyo, I was really sympathetic with Sakuya. I really liked her. I need to ask another fan for his favorite Tenchi pairing.

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@takashichea: I have Tenchi with Ryoko first. Then Tenchi and Kiyone.

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@takashichea: Sakuya was a bit of a double-edged sword for me. On the one hand, her character allowed for a normal girl to mingle with Tenchi's harem and it led to some fun scenes with Ryoko and Ayeka foaming at the mouth in jealousy. On the other hand, her character was portrayed as somewhat of a Mary Sue as she was portrayed as somewhat of an ideal girl and lacked any of the imperfections and eccentricities that the other girls in Tenchi's group had.

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Shinji and Rei because this is how it should be.

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