The Return of Daily Shin Buun 02/27/09

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Rrrrargh! Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!


  • ANN has a peon at Wonder Con who reports that Bandai Entertainment has snatched up the license to the Lucky Star OVA. Which surprises approximately...yeah, no, not really. That said, it still pleases plenty of people-- myself included!


  • Publisher Seven Seas is the latest victim of Diamond's recent raising of its benchmark bar: Adam Arnold informed MangaBlog's Brigid Alverson that volume three of Hayate x Blade and volume five of Tetragrammaton Labyrinth didn't meet the necessary quotas to be distributed. That doesn't mean you can't still get the books, mind, you just might have to search outside of your local comics shop.


  • New word from JapanFiles: they'll be releasing Jpop club star Ikio Ayaka's debut album RE: ACID QUEEN, if you're searching for some remixes you haven't been hearing on dance floors in the States.


  • Anime Boston, which I am passing up in favor of attending my hometown con Fanime Con (sorry, Boston!), has announced a new musical guest group: Kara no Kyoukai theme band Kalafina and the composer and producer who put together their group, Yuki Kajiura. You may also know Kajiura as the producer behind the FictionJunction collaborations (which feature Kajiura on keyboard or piano and any of a number of singers, whose name then gets put in the artist name: FictionJunction KEIKO, for example, is Kajiura and Kalafina singer Keiko Kubota).

I kind of want a cute, fuzzy little mascot who says “buuuun!” to go with these now. Any artists out there feel like taking on a little project?

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The Lucky Star OVA is awesome, and at one part for 0.46 seconds it reached god tier...

I would DRIVE to Boston if it meant I could meet Kalafina in person... Yuki Kajiura is an amazing compser and her works (and Kalafina's) are currently eating up half of my 2GB MP3 player... Problem is college eats up all my time, Boston is at least a day's drive away, and I'm TRYING to save up money to buy a new motherboard processor and RAM even with every waking moment of stuff like this distrating me. -->
Awesome is expensive...
Awesome is expensive...

Also, sorry I can't help much on the mascot... My specialty is manipulating and creating things from already existing media, but not from scratch, and although I believe I can draw okay, I don't have a method of digitally importing anything anyway.

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HeeroYuy: If you have someone you can stay with for the con, you might try looking into taking a train or bus into Boston. It might not take less time than the drive, but you can tentatively be productive (studying, doing homework, etc) instead of having to drive. Money I don't have any suggestions is POSSIBLE, albeit unlikely, to go to a con and spend no money in the dealer room. But I've never dared try ;)
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I would sooner die than waste the opportunity to needless spend over $400 on posters, wallscrolls, and model kits I wouldn't normally care to buy. Notice I don't include figures in that list - if I buy them at a con, it's usually because I was already considering it prior.

And it's not so much the method of transportation as it is the actual total cost of everything put together, even ignoring the spending binge... It looks pretty unlikely I'll be able to go...

On the good side, I'm going to be able to meet Alicia Melchiott's dub voice actor at MTAC (she's pretty cool)...
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Wonder how the OAV will be distributed.

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Kara no Kyoukai NEEDS TO BE LICENSED! I'd sell my soul to be able to actually buy it. Lucky Star OVA licensing is great news. :)
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