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So, if you listened to yesterday's Squadcast, you may already know what I'm going to ask: we want questions from you!
See, we're going to put together a new Q&A feature, but in order to do that we need questions from you. ANY question is acceptable: if you want us to speculate on a news item or a rumor, talk about our favorite (or least favorite) titles, have a question about the site itself, or, well, pretty much anything else you can think of, it's all fair game.
Whether this turns into a one-time deal or some kind of semi-regular-ish feature depends entirely on you and the questions you share! So I'm going to pin this baby up here on the boards and you can add questions to it any time.
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I have a question: where do you see the anime industry going in five or so years?
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 - Why do video-game based anime [ie Tales of the Abyss, Valkyria Chronicles, etc...] tend to be judged as lesser quality than original anime and manga-based anime? Surely they can't be of much lesser quality, so what's keeping them from being popularly accepted?
- In your opinion, is moe really taking over the industry? In other words: are studios too focused on making more otaku-oriented series than honestly trying to come up with series that may become good enough to appeal to a wider base.
- What's your favorite animation studio? Why?
- Opinions on the long, never-ending and alternate universe-filled Gundam franchise? Any favorite series in the franchise?
- Do you feel any concern for the dwindling amount of anime-original series recently?
- Any suggestions for light novel series?
- Can you comment on your thoughts about the conditions/almost non-existent pay of animators?
- Do you forsee any of the "Big 3" -- Naruto, Bleach and One Piece ending in the near future? Or are they "too big to end"?
- Any comments on the eroge/eromanga self-censoring more in order to keep government officials/concerned parents at bay?
- Should more 3-D anime series/movies be made? [Ie.:  .hack//G.U. Trilogy and Appleseed/Applessed Ex Machina] 
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Off-Topic Question: What non-Anime/Manga things are you into? 
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Oh, and how about who your favorite manga artists are?
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Does your favourite anime/manga character have something in common with you?
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do you think that western networks should push to show more old anime, and those who did (Toonami via Cartoon Network) should begin to air  newer shows?
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Ooo good questions all around. Actually, yeah, those are pretty great.
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 What are Geekachu's plans to pull us out of this recession?
While I do want that question, I figure you'd want a more serious question...
What are your thoughts on the use of manga as an educational tool? By this, I mean whether or not manga should be allowed in the place of a prose book for a student's reading requirement. We use it for students who are having problems processing the sensory details recorded in the book, but at the same time, some would say that we are letting them off easy by not making engage the parts of their brain that would let them visualize what they read...
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@Miken said:
"  - Why do video-game based anime [ie Tales of the Abyss, Valkyria Chronicles, etc...] tend to be judged as lesser quality than original anime and manga-based anime?
I got this one, It's because generly there being compared to there game counterparts, of course it is hard to fit the story of a 60 hour plus game into a 6-13 hour time frame, other times it seems like the anime creators forgot what made the series great, IE, devil may cry,
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Will there be a 3 Minute Expert on White Day? I already made a profile for it and plan to fill out the information later tonight. I'm going out for dinner now.
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As regards your first concern dantes inferno and dead space were pretty good.
As for some of your other points all i know is that they seem to have stopped making big cast space operas ALA Vandred/outlaw star/cowbot bebop,,Along with samurai they are my main.
There has been a discussion among gamer heads that giving the audience what they want is bad for creativity(variety?),
They makers see whats sells good so they all run off in that direction and everything else gets left by the wayside.
As for 3d if vandred and last exile are anything to go by then i've nothing against it.
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Random Questions:
- If you were to be a crayon, what color crayon would you be?
- What's your favorite food?  
- If you woke up one morning and you were a cat, what would you do?
- If you were to make a new sport for the Summer/Winter Olympics, what would it be?
Anime Questions:
- Where would your life be without anime?
- If you were to be in one anime, what anime would it be, and why?
- If you were to date an anime character, which one would it be?
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Did any of you have non-anime related jobs prior to the anime related ones?
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General Question

  • Do any of you have pets? If so what is it and what is its name?
  • What did you have for Supper last night?
  • If you dye your hair what colour was it originally, and do you dye it often?
  • What's your favorite brand of pop? Pepsi? Coke? Dr. Pepper? Barks Root Beer? etc.
  • When you order a pizza what do you like for toppings? Meat Lovers, The Works, Vegetarian, other?

Anime Related Questions

  • What was the first anime you watched that made you realize you liked anime, and that you wanted to see more?
  • What is your favorite crazy over the top fighting anime? Shows like Dragon Ball Z, Inuyasha, Bleach, Fist of the North Star etc.
  • What's your favorite love story in any anime, whether it be a love story anime or just a couple in an anime. Such as Please Teacher!, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, .hack//Sign etc.
  • What's your favorite rivalry in anime? Like Vageta and Goku, Piccolo and Everyone, Inyuasha and his brother, Kira and L etc.
  • What's your opinion on anime worlds that have animal people in them? Do you prefer to just have people and monster (Like say Claymore) or ones where people and animal people co exists (Dragon Ball/Z/GT).
  • What are some anime that you enjoyed watching, but where shocked at how fucked up and crazy it was the whole time?
  • Have you ever seen any horror anime that actually scared you? If so what ones?

Creepy, Perverted, Jesus Christ Some One Call The Cops Questions

  • What is your favorite kind of Hentai genre that you regularly find yourselves "enjoying"? Tenticle? Futa? Loli? Furry? BDSM? Femdom? etc
  • What was the last Hentai movie/manga you "enjoyed" watching/reading?
  • Do you believe a handful is all you need? Or do you think more than a handful is better? I'm talking about boobies.
  • Do you prefer the men/shemales to be circumsized, un-circumsized or don't care?
  • Do you prefer disproportionate naughty bits, or realistically sized ones? Like the ten foot long penises or boobs the size of a whole person, compared to what could be viewed as realistic proportions.
  • In what ever sex(s) your attracted to, what do you find more attractive; to have naturally coloured hair, or hair dyed something unnatural like Blues, Pinks, Purples etc.
  • What do you find more attractive, Dark Skin, Tanned skin, or Pale skin?
  • If you could bring any anime character to life to be you personal maid/slave for forever and forever, who would it be and why?
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What anime would you say defines the modern generation of fans?
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What kind of impact do you think Nis will have on the anime market,
 Do you think Toradora will have enough Barrels?
and for those who don't get the barrel question
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What are your thoughts on western stereotypes in manga/anime. This could be anything from parody of such stereotypes to more moderate ignorance to downright xenophobic prejudice and/or racism.  
Some examples in the order above, western characters in Hetalia*, the typical stock western character with an accent usually super pale with blond hair and blue eyes , David Rice from Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro comes to mind and is somewhat more skewed towards American stereotypes. [ie. that everyone in the U.S. is carrying a pistol on them at all times and being overly patroitic to the point of arrogance as seen in the guys rant when he is accused of being the murderer] Oh and fun fact about the last one, the episode/chapter he appears in has the moral of cultural sensitivity.
*bonus points for actually breaking it into each country's stereotypes.

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ya there's a new gundam 00 coming out, i gave the information to GodLen, but he never made the Articale, so im going to!
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@haseo_yashimora: You mean the movie? We've posted about it any number of times :)
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