the most underrated anime and the most overrated

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wat is the most underrated anime their is and wat is the most overrated and since this is on opinion no debates just want to hear the anime and your reason.

if your not goin to list your anime for underrated or overrated then don't post anything on this topic this is just to hear other opinions and don't belittle any other show with posts please.

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Sgt. Frog is underrated IMO. Mostly because they stopped dubbing after season three. I'm sure there are more.

Overrated? Eeney meeney miney mo Bleach, Naruto, or One Piece and you've got it. Again, just my opinion.

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most overrated: one piece. in the beginning it was fun but after over 500 episodes its just getting silly ther are at least 4 arcs that the series could have done without.

most underrated: ill give you 6, needless (really funny and interesting/crazy) , claymore (great story and characters), witchhblade (awesome story), linebarrels of iron (lots of things that wont let you stop watching), and Canaan (a true nail-bitter in every sense) and darker than BLACK (such a good story)

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Overrated: I could make a decent-sized list of what I find to be overrated. But to keep things short, here are the biggest parties I shall bring up: any title among the Holy Shounen Trinity, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood,  Code Geass, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Dragon Ball Z.
Underrated: Tend to be titles that are quite under the radar to many anime fans. Notable examples include Key the Metal Idol, Aoi Bungaku Series, Bartender, Arjuna and Koi Kaze.
Best Anime of 2012: Thus far, definitely would go with Kids on the Slope. Putting Shinichiro Watanabe and Yoko Kanno together will give you a definite gem.
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@Dream: for kids on the slope wat genre is it and is it a short anime

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@waybig1010101: It's a high school drama anime set in the 1960s with the characters' interest in American jazz music and a love triangle being the major elements of the show's storyline. The show is only 11 episodes long.
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@Dream: thanks i was looking for a nice short anime to watch and if you got anymore good short animes let me know and don't worry wat genre it is i like all. looking for somethin similar to 11 eyes or deathnote but any will do.

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I already said this in the "DBZ is not overrated" thread but I hate the terms underrated and overrated because the majority of the time it is used it is just a superficial way to praise or insult a show

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@NoOne_13: im not trying to do this to belittle any show when i think of overrated i think of shows that are popular because their popular shows. naruto bleach and onepiece have good stories and great characters so to me they earn their popularity. yet thats my opinion on how to view overrated. To me overrated was yugioh or pokomon.

and i agree with you dbz was great and goku is the greatest anime hero there is but thats our opinions and i know that some people don't like dbz or its so popular that they view it as overrated and thats their opinion and they are allowed to think that way.

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I wouldn't say bleach is that overrated. It's actually a lot better than a lot of shonen anime out there. It's not like it's super super popular. It's not the most popular in America and its not even in the too 10 in Japan. Id say it gets the hype it deserves. If its overrated, it's not by much. I would say Naruto is though. #2 in Japan and worldwide if I'm not mistaken, second only to One piece in both areas. Underrated? Soul Eater a little bit. Not too many others come to mind.
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@waybig1010101: Yea I know you weren't trying to insult any series but I have seen people in other forums and youtube who do try to insult shows by saying they are overrated. One person can this anime is overrated but someone else will think it is appropriately and because it depends on the individuals opinion neither one is wrong or right. So because of this the words overrated and underrated have little meaning to me.

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One Piece may be overrated, however it is not nearly as overrated as Bleach (who I'm a big defender of, but still), Naruto and the like.

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@ReVamp said:

One Piece may be overrated, however it is not nearly as overrated as Bleach (who I'm a big defender of, but still), Naruto and the like.

I agree strongly.

Bleach tends to be very over rated due to having a large fan base, now it's starting to loose fans for it's unneeded arcs and boring story line.

I also under rated Fairy Tail for it's name, but it turned out to be an awesome anime.

I tend to judge anime by their titles :P Just like judging books by their covers! xD


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most overrated: Elfen Lied, Bleach, One Piece, TTGL, Shaman King, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Hellsing, Beyblade, (and probably Pokémon in spite of the fact that it's far less overrated than the others)

if I had to choose I would choose the first one

most underrated: Serial Experiments Lain, Monster

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@indifferentmrh: TTGL isnt overrated is a love letter to the Super Robot Genre, like Daiguard, that underrated as it came out in the same year as Evangelion and was shadowed by it. check Dai-Guard is a kick ass anime, mostly for the 18-15 demographic

Lain and Monster arent underrated they are recognized easily.

Hellsing isnt overrated, you dont have much to rate (not a negative fact)

Highschool of the Dead is Overrated

Cage of Eden is Underrated (how comes that masterpiece didnt get an anime yet, it escapes me)

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Naruto is way overrated.

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DBZ is overrated. It's good for what it was in the 90's but I've met some Z fans who hold it on this high pedistal like there will never be another anime as great(not popularity wise I mean as an overall series) as DBZ

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The most overrated is One Piece seriously.

The most underrated is S-Cry-Ed.

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Pokemon. It was fun when I was kid, but come on...:D

Here on the side at "Popular boards" and pokemon is on top.... And all the joke on 9gag I saw... there are funny pics, and it's not bad series, but not THAT cool.

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overrated: dragon ball z

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