The Kunoichi of Nadeshiko Village

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So i just got done watching that episode of Naruto online(english dub) and i have to say what the fuck Naruto? I realize this is a filler episode and has absolutely nothing to do with the main storyline at all but god dam did you freaking forget about Hinata's pledge of love to you during Pain's invasion? I mean Hinata didn't even get mentioned. I usually don't care about anime couples but this episode kinda pissed me off a little bit.

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General Discussion forum is for topics that cover both anime and manga. Since you're reviewing an episode in Naruto, this thread should go into the Naruto anime series. Doing this seems like an random act.

When you review things, it's best to set up a format and put in the correct place. Let me know if you have questions. Thank you.


  • Either submit a formal review by hitting review with a paragraph
  • Making a detailed blog with a proper title like Naruto Episode: Insert Title with at least a paragraph written.

I'll let this thread go. I was going to lock it.

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