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Topic started by gia on Feb. 27, 2010. Last post by John_Martone 4 years, 9 months ago.
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So, I come across a lot of sales and deals on anime, manga, and related merch throughout my adventures online. I don't always post about them-- I might not have time, or it might just not be a deal worth doing up a whole post for (even if it's still a good deal). And I'm betting that this happens to you guys sometimes too! 
So I thought I'd start a special thread here on Vice for deals. If you spot a good deal on something-- for your country or anyone else's! --feel free to post it here. Kind of like our own little anime version of SlickDeals or something. It'll be awesome. I'm debating whether I should pin the board-- it's easier to lose track of a board that's not moving; on the other hand it's also easier for a thread to just disappear if it's not pinned. I guess I'll leave it and see how you guys react to it all. :) I'm going to throw another comment up in a moment here that'll include a few deals. 
Oh, and I may occasionally pick up deals from here to post about in a roundup, so if you want your name on the news page, this is a good way to do it! :) I will also personally add 50 points to the account of anyone who submits a deal that we post about. (This is a very tentative idea-- we've also talked about doing something similar for users who submit news tips that we use, so play nicely and we'll see if it all works out as planned.) 
A couple of very brief rules...
- A contest where you might win something for free is not a "deal." A deal is a particularly good price, or a buy-one-get-one-free, or anything that is available on a relatively mass scale.
- NO SPAM. If you're related to the manufacturer or the retailer somehow you can definitely post your awesome deal, but only once, and you should disclose your relation. 
You're welcome to comment on the deals ("I've seen this movie and that price is awesome!" "I've read that manga-- they should pay YOU to read it, it's terrible!") as well. :) 
So what are you waiting for? Get sharing!
Post by gia (3,032 posts) See mini bio Level 13
Post by gia (3,032 posts) See mini bio Level 13
Oh, and HobbySearch's 15%-20% off sale ends at 3:30pm PST/4:30pm CST/6:30pm EST today.
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This isn't really an online thing, but in my hometown, there's this comic store, "Curious Comics". They have a section for old mangas, and you can get some that are like 50% off on good days. Bacically unknown old mangas that are amazing some of the time at a really good price. So next time anyone is on Vancouver Isalnd, Canada stop by one of the many Curious Comics.
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I also have a brick and mortar store to tell you guys about.  In the Minneapolis/St. Paul area we have Big Brain Comic that has a deal on manga, three in a series is 10% off; four is 20% off; five or more is 30% off.
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I was linked to someone selling anime over at DeviantART.  If you got a account over there then here the link  If not, make one I guess?
Ai Yori Aoshi + Enishi Complete DVD Series [8 Discs] $70
Chobits Complete Box Set [7 DVDs + Music CD] $80
Heat Guy J Complete Series [8 DVDs + 2 Art Boxes] $60
Love Hina Complete Series + Movie Collection [9 DVDs] $50 I may also be willing to sell my entire Love Hina manga series. $5 a book. $60 for the complete 14 book series
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SAL Sale for figures and model kits till March 31st
- For PVC Figrue, Mechas, Anime Toy and Fashion Doll, 15% discount and 5% points.
- For Gundam Model, Military, Model Car, Hobby Tool, Model Train and RC Model, 20% discount and 5% points.  
*Note that this sale covers all orders and pre-orders placed during this period, SAL or EMS!!
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Many Gundam Kits on sale at Hobbylink 
 *Up to 70% off
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Latest sale at TRSI is on Bandai Entertainment-- 40% off DVDs and Blu-Ray, 33% off manga. Note: Gundam Unicorn is Amazon-exclusive for now, so is NOT included, 
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@jellyman223 said:
" Many Gundam Kits on sale at Hobbylink   *Up to 70% off "
There's actually some pretty tolerable looking deals in there, though I'm sure shipping would be pretty atrocious. I mean, I'm making an assumption, since price is stated in Yen, as well as dollars.
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@Lunarmoth: Complete Chobits + music CD only $80?! And Baku is missing one volume of Love Hina, he may be interested. Plus the whole anime series for $50 not bad at all!
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Just in time for our Evangelion 1.11 video review, the Blu-Ray release is down to $19.99 on Amazon. (The DVD version is $19.49, so now the price difference that we talk about in said video review is only $0.50!)
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I spotted something on the CAG forums as well as on AOD/Mania about season sets of Kaze no Stigma, Sasami and a few others popping up among the $3 shelves at Big Lots.
( CAG post w/ pics - AOD thread)
I wasn't able to find any of those at the Big Lots closest to my house but I did see Desert Punk vol. 1, Peach Girl vol. 3?, Negima vol. 5 and IGPX vol. 1 (which I bought). I'll try to check out the other ones around me but this certainly seems YMMV, as with many Big Lots things.
ALSO: in that same AOD thread, someone linked to Haruhi season 2 Bamboo Rhapsody DVD being 999 yen on Amazon Japan.
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@Oneesama: I'd say more like Dollar General - discount store chain with name brands & closeout items, though it may attract a similar crowd as Wal-Mart. Some Big Lots stores have furniture sections.
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If you live in the Louisville, KY area the Book and Music Exchange stores on Preston and Bardstown are always running the sale of buy 4 manga for $10. There's a mix of old and new manga, and it's fairly easy to pick up sets. It's really great place to find older and out of print manga! Also you can trade in your already read and/or unwanted manga and get the same amount of volumes back. Occasionally, they also have anime box sets for really great deals like $20--but those are few and far between.
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Oh I didn't know this thread existed...
Well. I made a thread earlier about Right Stuf's sale here.
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@Lan: Wow, though limited in availability, I would be all over a $2.50 a volume grab bag of manga...
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