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Whew, busy day, eh? And still more to talk about, so let's get to it!

Totally worth the wait.
Totally worth the wait.
  • TV Tokyo has a trailer up for the next (and ninth) Naruto film-- the first Naruto Shippuuden flick, however, I think. Click here for the direct .aspx link.
  • Aaaand Adult Swim has announced that there will be a three week break between  Code Geass R2's 6th and 7th episodes. [Via ANN]


  • A new manga anthology is being launched by Shueisha that will feature, among other things, art by Range Murata (best known for his Robot series).
  • ICv2 managed to coax some more words out of TOKYOPOP's Marco Pavia regarding the company's recent layoffs, which he regrets having to do to such talented people at this time of year. He also notes that publishers are calling this “one of the worst retailing environments in memory” and agrees with them. Ouch.

In Japan:

  • anime!anime! reports that anime studio ufotable is starting up a new studio in Tokushima, Japan.


  • Joining the growing list of companies who are laying off in this rough economic patch, we now have 4kids laying off about 15% of its workforce. Interestingly, they say they're looking at $375,000 in severence costs. Now, in 2007 they had 325 employees, according to Wikipedia-- 15% of that is 48.75. Rounding up to 49, that's still $7653 per employee. Of course, it's probably not being distributed that evenly, but hey, that's a heck of a lot better than some employees get.

Alrighty, I'm calling it a night. Keep an eye out for the upcoming winter preview, which should be up in the next day or two!

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Sixth Naruto film actually, & the third for Shippuden.
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Hmm? Why the break for Code Geass R2 I wonder? o.O
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I don't know but the break is pisssing me the hell off.
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