The Daily Shin Buun 04/06/09

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No Love for Zegapain
No Love for Zegapain
Running around like crazy-- FUNimation visit is tomorrow, after which we're heading straight to Houston before Matsuri starts. Here's your Buun!

  • FUNimation is really busy these days-- in addition to working with VIZ, they've now got a deal to stream some of their things on Veoh, including Shikabane Hime.
  • Speaking of VIZ, they're launching episode 103 of Naruto for free. Whee!
  • Aaaand Bandai, in case they feel neglected, sent me a release date change notice: the Wolf's Rain collection will now be released on May 5th, Gundam 00's season 1 part 1 is now due on June 16th, and the Zegapain and Flag collections have been cancelled (eep!).

  • I just received confirmation from the convention staff that Fanime will be hosting Gainax's Hiroyuki Yamaga (a Fanime regular) as well as Jpop artist Halko Momoi. And I'm gonna be there! *happy dance*
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Ooof. I'm hoping that Bandai isn't closing down, but it doesn't look very good for them, does it.

Meanwhile Funimation just keeps doing more and more business, and presumably the advertising revenue from all these places just keeps rolling in. I'd love to see their balance sheet at this point, it seems like advertisers are tripping over one another at this point to get on the Funimation video portal.
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*throws up arms* What the hell, Bandai? I've been looking forward to that FLAG collection coming out because, well, it might've led to RightStuf dropping the series' singles in their bargain bin. Heh, heh. That, and I was hoping the set would have the corrected DVDs too.

Oh well. It doesn't come as a big surprise. FLAG wasn't exactly burning the sales charts.
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