The Daily Shin Buun 01/23/09

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Yeesh, 13 posts today. Did we flood your RSS readers/twitter account/Facebook homepage, etc? Sorry 'bout that. Here are the remaining scraps of news for the day.

  • Trailer time! We've got Ichigo Marshmallow Encore, and one for the live-action film Legend of Kamui, featuring Kenichi Matsuyama (live-action Death Note's L, Detroit Metal City's Souichi Negishi).
  • On the extremely-businessy side of things, AICN Anime reports that Toei has bought out the remaining shares of Toei Animation Enterprises, a Hong Kong-based joint venture that will henceforth be a wholly-owned subsidiary.
  • The latest gossip on AkibaBlog? The latest volume of Shikabane Hime apparently features the main character with a remarkable lack of underwear under her super-short skirt. Technically nothing is seen (she could just be wearing a thong!), but you workers should be wary anyway.
  • Aaaand FUNimation wants to remind you to catch Afro Samurai Resurrection on Spike TV on Sunday. I've got my DVR set to record it!


  • Maybe this is pushing the definition of “manga,” but how the heck did I miss Dark Horse getting ready to put out the webcomic Sinfest in book form?! Totally want!
  • The Beat reports that A Drifting Life creator Yoshihiro Tatsumi is going to be at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival in May-- and so will comics expert Jason Thompson. I wish I was going...
  • VIZ recently released the foodie manga Oishinbo and wants to remind you to go buy it. (Or maybe just me. Either way, it worked.)
  • Last but not least, Udon is going to be releasing another Final Fight manga, which will feature some Street Fighter crossovers, too.
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I'm following 96 people so no, certainly wasn't flooded.
  But a healthy amount of content to read from AVice today :-D.
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