The Daily Shin Buun 01/21/09

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Another long day here at Vice headquarters, and then I had to go and top it off by letting my friend put Nudist Colony of the Dead on the TV. Imagine it: an AVI encode of a VHS rip of an early '90s, super-low-budget D-grade horror flick....played on a Blu-Ray player on a 40” HDTV. Baaaaaad stuff. It's a musical, by the way.

But on to something that's actually topical...or a lot of somethings:

Ponyo on a Cliff by the Sea
Ponyo on a Cliff by the Sea


  • When the Seiken no Blacksmith anime and comic adaptations were announced, I didn't know what magazine the manga was going to be serialized in, but word is that it'll be Media Factory's Comic Alive.
  • Speaking of manga adaptations-- eigoMANGA is planning on making a graphic novel based on the American novel God Drug, by Stephen Antczak. The manga will be by Natashia McGough and the art by Jeremy Ray; you can see a preview already at the official God Drug website.

Playstation 3
Playstation 3
  • Okay, this is an awesome idea, and I want to see this documentary translated: Twitch has caught word that Hideo Nakata, director of the original Ring, Dark Water, and perhaps most of note to anime fans, Death Note spinoff flick L: Change the WorLd, is filming a guide to Hollywood for foreign filmmakers. Seriously, I would love to see that.


  • The latest in the eternal Konami/Upper Deck Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG saga is that Konami is going to release the Crimson Crisis decks that Upper Deck recently announced they wouldn't be putting out. Which makes a ton of sense, since Konami owns the license and severed their contract with Upper Deck.
  • Finally, let's end on a traditional high note of really awesome stuff we can never afford: a Final Fantasy VII-themed Playstation 3. Do totally want.


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Just posting to unlock it from the forums.
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I hate Konami and Uppperdeck so much right now ><
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