The Daily Shin Buun 01/08/09

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I need to start doing these earlier in the day. Soooo sleeeepy!


  • Anime on DVD, fresh off its final move into a full-on site (...sigh...), has picked up a little leak from VIZ: they appear to have picked up the license to the I”s and I”s Pure anime.
  • Aaaand ANN has caught word that seiyuu Osamu Ichikawa has passed away. Ichikawa played numerous roles throughout his life, including Gundam: 08 MS Team's Norris and Gatchaman F's Masutora.

  • New York Comic Con has announced its initial panel line-up (with more to follow), which includes all sorts of manga-related panels, as well as panels for The Third, Claymore, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, MariMite, and Astro Boy (which includes footage of the new film), among others.


  • VIZ has issued a press release announcing their new partnership with, which will be producing “Jpop-inspired” merchandise. Prepare your wallets for further weight loss.


  • The biggest news of tonight's Buun? FUNimation has laid off at least two employees, most likely more, and including Chief Operating Officer Brian Burke. Is it time to panic? Probably not-- FUNi did a similar culling of about 10% of its staff in 2007; this is probably more of a preemptive measure...although my heart goes out to those laid off. Best of luck!
  • MTV has word that the movie adaptation of Lone Wolf and Cub is on hold, if it was ever REALLY going in the first place. Apparently the rights were never fully cleared.
  • Finally, the LA Weekly has an interesting piece on artists at anime cons-- as entrepreneurs.

Keep on chuggin', kids!

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Aww the LA Weekly article made me all giddy inside. I'm not looking for a career in that kind of aspect but it's nice that they're trying to.
I didn't necessarily learn anything new but it just made me smile a bit.

Though dumb anonymous has to be dumb in the comments... but most of the comments were nice.

Oh yes, as for the Viz line of clothing, I don't think they're very appealing for clothes. The only design I like is the I <3 Manga one and I'd only get that in a mousepad or something.
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