the Case for Anime.

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I so often hear Anime being discriminated against. So I'm here today to defend it. And the next time you run into some self righteous jerk who belittles you for liking Anime then i invite to use my Defense Case if you don't have your own.

Anime vs Cartoons

A common criticism on Anime is the abnormal hair and eyes of the characters. Well I pose to you this... American Cartoons are actually quite less accurate than Anime characters. Take this for instance Popeye's forearms are outrageous. Betty Boop's head is at a foolish size compared to her body/head ratio. Not only this but most American Cartoons are significantly mis-proportioned physically. And the Anime Basher's response will invariably be well some are but not all are mis-proportioned. And then you can use their same logic to explain that not all Anime Characters eyes and hair are oddly sized/shaped. Also just because something is "stylized" or different does not equate to bad.

Anime vs Cinema

And to the people who think Anime is stupid but do not watch American Cartoons either, I propose that you will find the most unique and exciting never before seen stories can be found in Anime. Cause seriously if you go and look anywhere on the internet or ask and cinema goer what the biggest problem is with movies today, and most likely 9 out of 10 times they will say "There is nothing new, it's all so un-original, and un-inspiring". But there are tons of Anime and 99% of them are unique and extremely original stories with original ideas and plots. 

Anime is Disturbing or Perverted

Fair enough some but not all Anime is. But simply because some is and some isn't why would you judge an entire genre based on a few things. And besides, just because it is disturbing or perverted doesn't mean it's any more or less destructive to your personality than some thing that's "wholesome".  Just look at "Disney" they are responsible for Furry and Vore fetishes...
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That pic of Vegeta is sic
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@caligula: Nice argument. Anime gets picked on by those who refuse to accept it or just don't care enough to look into it before mindlessly bashing it. The anime industry came under some major fire when CNN launched a vicious attack against us anime lovers when the issue of that anime rape simmulator RapeLay occured back in March/April of this year. My parents still think that I am crazy for liking anime/manga (You should have seen the looks on their faces when my 10-volume boxset of the Rosario + Vampire manga or my Hatsune Miku figure arrived on the mail...pure horror and shock), but I do not care. It is something that interests me and I will follow it until I get tired of it. 
Yes, some anime series (mostly hentais, but some anime series are guilty of this) have female characters with gigantic breasts or who act like a total whore at times, but that does not make anime in general bad.
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@ShadowKnight508: thank you for responding :D 
and we are in total agreement :D
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I think the picture for Anime vs. Cinema should be under Anime vs. Cartoons, some serious misproportions right there (although that might invalidate your argument somewhat ;D). Might write up a devil's advocate blog or something to this later.
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But there are tons of Anime and 99% of them are unique and extremely original stories with original ideas and plots.

Since the anime market started to crumble and turn in on itself, the shows overall (there are always exception of course) have become more derivative and more stale than ever. The pandering towards the otaku crowd has only increased, as anime developers continue to milk the same fetishes over and over again. This isn't to say that any other medium is less guilty of the similar things, look at how much American television loves their procedurals, but to suggest that the fall anime 2010 season isn't full of by-the-numbers shows  is also foolish.
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Well people tend to generalise,,what happens when non anime watchers think of anime is they think of hentai,tentacles,maybe monotonus dialogues,,a flag pops up and they say fvck that i'll watch something else. 
Of course replacing action and violence with "well written scripts" doesnt help either.
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Like all things, anime as a whole still falls under Sturgeon's Law: 90% of it will be crap, but the remaining 10% is worth dying for. Well, maybe not dying, but I'm saying that even though a good deal of anime is rehashed plots about harems and giant robots and magical girls and creepy guys fantasizing about their sisters, every so often you'll find yourself with something that shines through and makes it worth the wait. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that simply saying "I hate anime" is no longer good enough, because anime as a whole is just too big of a category, like saying "I hate sports because water polo is stupid" or "I hate rock music because I only hear Nickelback on the radio." There's good stuff too for those willing to look past the crap to find it.
Having said that, I do take issue with your "...99% of them are unique and extremely original stories with original ideas and plots" line. Especially with the image you chose to demonstrate this (Eiken? Are you fucking serious?). A wise man once said that there are maybe seven total plots that can be used in stories (or maybe 20, I've heard several versions of this line), but the trick is disguising it so your audience doesn't immediately notice which plot they are following. 90% of anime, as I've said above, does not do a good job of this. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy it, just that your knee-jerk reaction to the haters is going a bit too far in the other direction.
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@Whiskeyjack: thanks for calling me a fool. :D (i'm sorry my opinion and love for anime is different than yours, and if that offended and drove you to insult me than i am truly sorry)
A Story can be similar without being a knock off, and so you know the Eiken image belongs with "Anime is disturbed part".
But even so simply because Eiken has a sexual vibe too it does not make it lack originality (to be fair, no it's not the most originals show out there in the Anime kingdom) But it was well written and far more charming in what does than any girls gone-wild video.
(sorry it my beliefs offend you)
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i find most people who bash anime are very small minded and even when i try and explain anime to them they cant discuss it properly. i usually just ignore them now.
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@DocHaus: so true
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The anime industry       

that's what anime is nowadays , a big industry

they bash anime , anime fans bash cartoons and comics ,everybody bashes  something , what's the difference? 
few animes are good , that's the truth
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