The bloodiest 50 episodes in a ongoing series i have seen yet.

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It just didnt just have blood each episode it had...

1: At least one murder per some times three.

2: Child abuse was more often than not.

3: Adults drugging kids .

4 Kids drugging adults.

5 Rarely a show went by with out a child cussing.

6 It was very rare was a gun used to kill some one.

Sounds like the Faimly Guy right? No thats not right at all .

Well not as much but it was far more bloody than i ever expected.Some times i will watch something just to see why others like it or to see why its popular. This particular show aired up to 50 episodes in the states. But was shown at the wrong time.An worse yet they americanized the names.

They being FUNimation who bought the licensed the anime series for North American broadcast in 2003 under the name Case Closed .That was one key mistake i belive also Cartoon Network put it as part of their adult swim at late night. thats the second.

An the 3rd was branding .Some of my friends ( not counting the voices ) seen the show as a simpson rip off ... well bart does wear shorts an ride a skateboard..Some seen it as a richie rich story.. he had gadgets an those are expensive again with the shorts!... an one thought it was a spin off of Inspector Gadget.. because Juzo Megure reminds them of him after gaining alota weight.... So yes marketing should kick themselves .. hard.An not stop till we tellm to...

What they had an still have on their hands in a marketing dream an blew it. Think of it Conan Edogawa is robin to his own Shinichi Kudo batman.No i dont use that lightly.Marketing wise you have the side kick for kids to pretend to be ( thats what marketing claims kids do ) to fight along side their heroes. But this character has the best of both worlds. a decent origin story plus blood an gore an cussing.Sounds better than a MTV reality show doesnt it?

But they blew it.To clever by half an not as clever as they thought they were.Marketing should still be hiting it self we didnt say stop.. All long runing cartoons in America has stuff for the kids but aims higher with some or alot of adult jokes.That way as the kid gets older he gets the adult jokes to an hes a fan all over again.From Flintstones to the Simpsons.

Better yet out of 50 shows i only seen 3 plot holes an that might have been translation problem .Still prefer subtitles.These were mostly fun .With pretty decent mystery here an their.But like all good things it waned a bit tword last because it was prove they did it not a who done it.But those are ok to.Animation was average or less .

Also if George Kaminski is ever found dead in a locked from the inside room.It was justifiable homicide .He almsot got them killed more than he helped.

Plus if Kogoro Mouri if found dead from alchol posioning..well all those hits to the head would drive any one out of their right mind...

An to marketing stop hiting your self now.. you might cause brain dama... um never mind carry on.. no one will notice the difrence.Now im off to watch um what 550 more shows.

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