Thank you Anime Vice.

Topic started by N15PCA on June 27, 2009. Last post by gia 5 years, 7 months ago.
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I just wanted to say thank you to everyone here that makes this webstie possable.  I just wish more people would join Anime Vice. 

Are Ranking numbers don't even touch the Ranking numbers of Gaint Bomb and Comic Vine.   
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Well, Gia isn't alone in the editorial side now, so the site is growing in that aspect. ^_^ (I never remember to look at the users number so I don't know about that.)

I don't know many people, so I can't "recruit" anyone, but I've been trying to convince at least one person to help with the writing side. I work on images mostly and it saddens me when the articles stay empty, but hopefully more people will join in the future, as you say.
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I think there isn't that many people here because it seems like a lot of members for GB and CV are here.  I myself came for GB.  It seems like the Anime community really don't know about this website.....yet.  What we need to do is spread the word if we can.
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Well AV is fairly new (it's only half a year old roughly) so it's not going to be overtly huge yet but it's been growing quite steadily in my humble opinion. I've definitely found myself a home here and have settled down.
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We still have a long way to go, but overall, I think these have been g6 great months and we're already bigger than most sites whn they're starting so that's a plus.
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Yea, it getting bigger. Is it just me, or to the site get like a boost went the new anime season start.
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Zieg Anime Vice!
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The site is getting a great start. I hope the the size will go up and the wiki will start looking awesome.
But I think we got Time on our side. As long as we keep pumping out the goodness, the rest will fall in to place. Keep it up Awesome Staff.
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Animevice is 7 months old.  It's actually larger then Comicvine was when CV was 7 months old.  CV is now 2 1/2 years old.

Giantbomb is a year old, but also it launched with tons of users that followed them from their previous gig.

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Thanks for all the support, everyone. We all really appreciate it, and we're working hard to make sure we deserve it, too! <3
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