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What ever happened to the fanfiction page? Also, more anime news? Finally video content please!! <3
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I try and write news on anime as much as my schedule allows for Anime Vice. Sometimes it's accepted by the staff and sometimes it's not. Though, my blog posts on news are always posted on the @animevice twitter page.
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@FoxxFireArt: I've noticed over the last year they tried experimenting with what kinds of news we would cover. In fact, I remember a certain user they used for a while after this website's editor purge that posted pretty consistent articles on news directly from Japan. 
I'm guessing they're trying to stick with anime news coverage that more immediately caters to American audiences now?
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Well, I don't know any of this for sure. I just think some of the news that was being written about from Japan was just too random. News out of Japan is fine if it somehow effects what is going on here. Otherwise, why tell anyone? News for sites such as this needs to be focused on the industry and not just random Japanese stuff.
I've been trying to report on news coming from companies such as FUNimation and Yen Press. They deal directly with the US market.
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@FoxxFireArt: Hmm, that's interesting - I remembered the news regarding Japan being relevant to the industry as well, though. It has been almost half a year, though, so maybe I'll just have to look back at it again and I'll probably see what you mean a lot better than from what I understand now. 
Your approach sounds good, though! I, and I'm sure most of the community, would most definitely appreciate such coverage.
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It was often industry related, but it was often talking about things that people either couldn't find easily. Hard to get really excited about something that will take years to get to you officially. Some series you never know if they will come to the US at all. My article that was on the front page about Yen Press publishing Highschool of the Dead in the US did pretty well, but that's because I was able to give them a date that was only a few months off.
Well, my coverage is mostly meaningless. Hard to get people to notice what they don't know is there. Most of my news is posted on my blog, but getting people to comment on blogs on Anime Vice is like pulling teeth.  Hard to know what's appreciated when no one speaks. Users only seem interested in commenting on front page news.
I have questions about the industry that no one is even asking. I would love to hear from VIZ Media why hey continue to censor manga series. How do they expect to contend with scanlations that way? I personally go to scanlations because VIZ refuses to release series unaltered. I don't want to buy a inferior version of a manga. I want the most authentic version possible in English.
I really want to know why they think that's a good idea, but no one is asking them or even challenging them on that.
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Technically it is still there as a AV version of GBs "Guides". But no one really wrote any and the ones that did pop up on that section (including an old one I posted there somewhere) mostly sucked. If you want to write something and post it in there and publicize it out here, be my guest, but there are probably better places on the internets too look if you're into fanfiction.
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@FoxxFireArt: I think I see your point now. I have noticed that there's a big part of the community that isn't really tuned towards the Japanese side of things.  
However, I also have noticed (it might just be me) that a handful of our more active users as of late are actually attentive to Japanese-related industry happenings. This is sort of what motivated me to become a more active user here (about a week and half ago, actually), myself. Since then, I've enjoyed some solid discussions on the Japanese anime industry in blog posts related to it, such as the recent string of Winter 2011 blog posts. 
I'm new at this, but I project that your future blogs will begin to develop more active discussions. I, for one, am interested in your coverage as well as what's related to Japan. I also project that at the rate we're going, our community may expand to incorporate even more users that are also more in tune towards the Japanese side of things. I feel like that will be the only way we could meet ethan's hopes of having us double our activity (he was talking about his goals for us in the "Is Our Sheltered Communtiy Growing?" thread). I also sense that our community is going to start shifting towards  the Japanese side of things given the conditions our users now not only remain active but inspire new, like-minded users to join our discussions as well. I understand that this is an idealistic viewpoint, however.
Also, regarding the questions about the industry no one is asking - in particular the question you posed - it probably has to do with how it seems this community is divided into two spheres of interest: people who lean more towards the end of scanlations and fansubs (I place myself in this category) and people who have their interest limited to specific series and manga that have long boasted licenses and are completely unaware of how those specific series and manga may vary on the other side of the world. The people on the sphere of scanlations and fansubs are focused  and content enough with the content (woah, unintentional pun) they're getting to the extent of being oblivious to the American side of the industry. I'm not sure about what we can do to change this, unfortunately.
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I just don't see how VIZ can expect us to not use scanlations when they are refusing to offer uncensored versions of manga. As in with Naruto. They painted out the cigarette and lighter from the scene of Shikamaru lighting the cigarette after his sensei died. They didn't edit any of the murder of their teacher, but this cigarette was too much???
They want people to pay for an inferior product and stop using the most authentic version of the story. They don't do this with anime. While they censor some of the animes. VIZ does offer uncut DVDs. Why does the anime audience deserve an authentic experience, but the manga doesn't?
In Fullmetal Alchemist, there are times they mix up names. Times they call Riza Hawkeye, Liza. They are suppose to be the official publisher with paid editors and they aren't catching these mistakes?

No one is challenging them on these actions.
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@FoxxFireArt: That sounds really bad. I suspect that really is due to what I mentioned before regarding the people who read scanlations not even bothering with the American published equivalents. That's especially unfortunate because I doubt they'll make any effort to remedy the situation unless that side of people reading scanlations start actively responding to this. 
I feel like the other side of people that buys Viz Media's American-published works alone don't even realize this is happening, and they're probably the ones who are buying the manga the most. It'll be hard to persuade them otherwise, because I feel like it's this side of people that aren't active in communities like ours.
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@Tom_Pinchuk:  I request that you, Shawn Pickup, shall do extensive research pertaining to why Cheap Trick was and still is big in Japan. They literally have completed recent tours in Japan and have made MILLIONS! In the year 2011 Cheap Trick is still popular in Japan and I want to know WHY!
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Beginners Guide-Transformers G1 (or any of the other 15 titles in the franchise) 
WTF did I just watch-Paranoia Agent, Mutant Turtles Legend of the Super Mutants
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Can AV use the tech that GB uses to make the best of/most anticipated user lists??

Maybe the users could list their Top 10 Anime Movies with a post later about the site wide results. 

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@Mousse_Gallon: Probably, but the only thing about that is, a lot of us enjoy writing blogs and various posts regarding and going into detail about our Anime updates and what we are looking forward to. It could be worth a shot I suppose.

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Metabots! deserves a good review

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