Takashi Miike, Sho Sakurai at New York Comic Con!

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Takashi Miike
Takashi Miike
There had been rumors on the industry grapevine that Takashi Miike might make an appearance at New York Comic Con, and redneckotaku spotted a particular listing on the NYCC schedule-- and I'm kicking myself for missing it!

Fans have been waiting for Takashi Miike to create a giant robot movie for years, and finally it's here! Starring Japanese superstar Sho Sakurai, Yatterman is the story of two teenagers who run a super, high-tech toy shop which serves as a cover for their crime-busting exploits as Yatterman, a pair of masked super heroes who pilot the sentient dog robot, Yatterwan. Takashi Miike and Sho Sakurai will be at NYCC to speak about Yatterman at 4 PM on Friday in the IGN Theater. Both will then appear at the world premiere of Yatterman at an exclusive theater in NYC! The world premiere of Yatterman is presented by Nikkatsu, the New York Asian Film Festival, and New York Comic Con. For details as to where and when, head over to the Nikkatsu Booth (1315).
Sho Sakurai
Sho Sakurai

Yes, Takashi Miike will be there. And shame on you if you don't know him; he's the director behind the Salaryman Kintaro and MPD Psycho movie adaptations, along with Ichi the Killer, The Great Yokai War, and the Dead or Alive films, among a dozen others.

But don't be too quick to write off Sho Sakurai, either, because I'm a huge fan of the j-drama Kisarazu Cats Eye, which he was a main character in. Let's see, he also played Yuuta Takemoto in the live-action Honey and Clover, Mimura Takuya in the drama adaptation of Yamada Taro Monogatari, and... oh yes, you might have heard of the little jpop boy band he's in, Arashi? Yeah, you know, one of Japan's top boy bands.

Have I mentioned I'm really excited by these two? Yowza!

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Oooh, lucky (in Makoto's voice as she gets a bike ride home from Chiaki {TGWLTT}).
    Hopefully the Takashi Miike panel/whatever they're doing will be awesome, sounds like a great opportunity for win.
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Sounds awesome, and I really wish I could go.
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That guy is one badass MOFO
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