Sword Art Online (SAO) possibly the best anime in a while?!?!?

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Sword Art Online (SAO) it just keeps rising to the top of peoples animelists and most-watched lists. I checked it out to see what all the fuss was about and it truly is one of the best animes ive ever watched so, I would like to see what YOU the people of animevice think of it. Please write opinions of the if you think its good, bad, amazing or sad just please feel free to speak your mind about it on this forum like predictions, anything about it at all except ... if you read the light novel and spoil it... I'LL KILL YOU ;D
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It's alright. The art and animation are really nice. The setting is really interesting, but was underused. There're lots of problems with the pacing, events happen quickly which makes me feel somewhat disconnected from the characters. There wasn't any time to get attached to many of the characters that died throughout the story, so their deaths just seemed stupid and had a low impact on me.
Though as I understand this has only covered the first novel, so I can see why the pacing is messed up. I would have actually preferred everything to have happened within Sword Art Online. they really could have explored the interesting world and expanded upon all of the characters.
Lots of wasted potential, and the most recent episode was the weakest I felt. Still a decent enough show though.
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We have a Sword Art Online discussion thread. Don't forget to check the forums for the anime series.

It's good to see another fan. I love the series. It's one of the top 3 anime series this summer along with Humanity Has Declined and Binbogami Ga.

What I don't like about the series is that it feels rushed with the romance and senseless death. One of the characters that impacted Kirito's lone wolf persona didn't leave me much sympathy. Sometimes, there's odd fan service and typical cliche reactions that puts me off.

May I ask you to move this thread to Sword Art Online? Thank you.


Though, the fan service in Silica's episode was amusing.

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I'm going to try to watch this anime soon.

I've heard this anime was really good from friends and now on AnimeVice!



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It depends on what you mean by "a while". For me it's far from being the best in a while because "a while" would include Steins;Gate, Katanagatari, Panty & Stocking, Usagi Drop, New Lupin III, and a ton of other really good shows.

It's a good show though. I've only seen up to episode 8 but the animation was consistently high quality and the stories were entertaining.

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