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Relatively I don't have that much anime experience, but I've seen my fair share. I'm really looking for anime surrounding games or battles of wits, such as Death Note, Eden of the East or Liar Game. I don't mind supernatural elements, etc. but I prefer them to be grounded in reality. Anything similar to those mentioned you could suggest?

I'm pretty sure this is the right forum, but if not, please move it to where it belongs, or lock it if there's already a thread for this purpose which I missed. I was going to put this in Just Anime, but I'll take manga if it's easily available.

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You'll have to hunt it down because it's not licensed in the West, but if a battle of wit and the psychology of competition is what you're interested in then I suggest the anime, Kaiji. It's pretty dark but it's about a guy who gets sucked into the world of illegal death games. These aren't battle-royale style kill fests but rather games involving chance and how the players play each other. There's nothing supernatural about the series, but like I said it focuses on the seedier side of humanity.

To an extent, Gosick has a cerebral side to it albeit wrapped in a goth-lolita package. The main character is modeled after Sherlock Holmes so there are similar style stories of deduction throughout its 24 episode run. Gosick can be seen on Crunchyroll.

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Kaiji sounds great and its page says it's similar to Akagi, which I was also looking at. I'll try out Gosick too and Bus Gamer, which I found with Akagi, I might as well, since it's only three episodes. Thanks!

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@eccentrix: Check out Un-Go (also on Crunchyroll) for a serious detective story with a couple of supernatural and cyberpunk elements mixed in, and seconding the Kaiji and Akagi recommendations. If you can find it, I also recommend One Outs along those lines.

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I would recommend Blue Exorcist, it does have a lot of swearing, but it is really good. Exciting, and I would also agree with you for going for Gosick, it is good too.

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For anime I'd suggest Code Geass, Speed Grapher, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Kami-sama no Memochou (Heaven's Memo Pad), and Spice and Wolf.

For manga I suggest Bloody Monday and Ultimo.


Blue Exorcist does not have a lot of language. It's only TV-14 I think.

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@eccentrix: Mirai Nikki ,Battle Royal, and Doubt is what your looking for.

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Ah, yeah.

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Here is a list of some great anime: link. I also recommend Ergo Proxy. It is kind of like Ghost in the Shell and the dub is very tolerable compared to other anime.

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Thanks everyone! Looks like I've got a lot to start getting through after E3.

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