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Topic started by gia on April 5, 2009. Last post by HeeroYuy 5 years, 11 months ago.
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Just wanted to give you guys a heads up-- don't forget that you have to submit your wikipedia entries AND send me a PM by 11:59pm PST today in order to get entry in to the contest's first week drawing! I've got a few entries but not many, so if you can cram it in, your odds are pretty good, and I've got some of my favorite prize packs here with me to ship off!

Remember, you can enter by doing any ONE of the following for a spring show (and PMing me to inform me! I can't go through ALL the wiki entries manually to figure out who's done the work, so you MUST inform me! Someone did a bunch of K-On! screencaps and I'm not sure who!):
  • An episode summary (think at least three sentences)
  • A character description (new, or updated to reflect recent info)
  • Screencaps (we'll say 1 dozen caps = 1 entry-- if you know how to do caps, they're pretty easy to do by )
  • A collection of technical info, like air dates, episode titles, character appearances, etc. 3 items = 1 entry.

And if you think you've done enough work on a spring show to validate an entry but it's not one of the above, go ahead and tell me, 'cause I might count it! You can get up to THREE entries per week, so get to it!

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Oh yea, right sorry for that. Guess I got more motivation went I see a series page full of information but no picture to back it up. Well I still do more screenshots even if I got 3 entries because I like do it that.
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How many prizes are you giving a week? I doubt this contest is going to go on for over 4 months...
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Heh, I claim Valkyria Chronicles!!! (ep 1 screencaps in 720p up in 30 minutes)



You have got to be kidding me Gia. I figured getting Raws a day in advance of the inevitable subs would be ahead enough...
On a sidenote, I'm rather surprised FMA:Brotherhood with all of it's diehard fans everywhere wasn't filled out first, especially since subs are up for it.
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oh yea, Valkyria Chronicles was out yesterday. I guess we need to talk about this since today is the time to upload the pic. I don't know about you guys but I tried to have clean screenshots, without any broadcast watermark on it. The only thing that I left is the credit or in Basquash! case the Nike logo. They pimp the hell out in the preview/promo episode 0 but there not in episode 1. Were the giant robot with sweet Nike shoes.

FMA is out today if your wandering why there nothing on it, also I'm getting a hard time finding a clean source for Dragon Ball Key.
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Well I fixed that.
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