Spring Preview, NicoNico Style

Topic started by gia on March 10, 2009. Last post by N15PCA 6 years ago.
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No, this isn't my full-on spring preview-- that'll be coming up in the next week-ish. But Japanator has this cool video swiped from NicoNico that is a video intro to upcoming series, which you can use as a starting point for what you'll want to read up on when I've got that behemoth list online.


For those of you who haven't stumbled on one of my previews before, I go all-out talking about the stories, creators, directors, seiyuu, studios, and anything else important about every show in the upcoming season. And it's text-based, so it's easy to come back to as a reference-- last season I skipped on the “cheat sheet” but I'll be setting something up this season. Oh, and as an added bonus-- my stuff will all be in English. So be sure to keep an eye out for it.

But this video is definitely cool beans!

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Good preview but I can't read Japanese. Some have show like Star Wars (really stop with the star wars write something new for god sake Gorge) and Pandora Hearts has is English and look good. There also seems to be an anime about a band that sounds interesting. There alos new seasions of SOS and combat butler. A redo of FMA. And Senjou no Valkyria Base to the game.
What is Saki??? I'l have to take a look at that one.
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Basically the same as my Jtor comment:

"Valkyria Chronicles definitely, K-ON definitely, new FMA probably, Haruhi -AHHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA I laugh at you!!!, Hayate 2 probably, Natsu no Arashi I'll at least try out, and Mary and Gary - wtf? lol.

That's my outlook on the next season."
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omg, the spring season is coming soon. I can wait for it
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The only shows I want to watch from this spring anime season are the four season to Maria-sama ga Miteru, VIPER’S CREED and Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger.
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