South Korea Hates Hetalia, Protests Anime

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According to the Yomiuri, South Korean protesters are demanding that the anime adaptation of Hetalia Axis Powers be cancelled due to the manga's portrayal of the nation, which is at best a frenzied, breast-grabbing goofball and at worst a symbol of some long-standing conflicts between Japan and Korea, dating back to World War I and II.

Meanwhile, the network the show is airing on-- KIDS STATION --seems to be shrugging off the complaints, even though the protest has garnered over 10,000 names. They do note, however, that the Korean character doesn't appear in the anime...which hasn't stopped the protesters anyway. Perhaps because the official anime website actually DOES list Korea amongst the characters?

I don't think a cancellation is likely to happen, though. And although I feel for them, I really want to see the show, so I hope it doesn't.

...Randomly speaking of South Korea, Japan Probe has an interesting piece in which South Koreans claim that the Japanese make for stingy tourists.

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I have to say that both times I saw this title, I saw "Hentalia."  i thought it was something about them being against Hentai or the showing of naughty parts in them.
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I also thought this was related to something about hentai and I'm mildly disappointed haha.

Isn't everyone a stingy tourist? Well I know many Asians who are in general...
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My parents are both Korean (making me Korean too I suppose), and so I'm seriously getting sick of this Japanese-Korean conflict.  My parents and grandparents never had the luxury of being born into a multicultural country, so their views are seriously skewed towards being anti-Japanese.

It pains me to still see this narrow-mindedness in today's world. If I ever have kids, I sure as hell ain't going to try to restrict their contact with Japanese culture like my parents tried to do.
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I think Hentalia should be a word used more often.

And yeah, I agree people need to open their ways of thinking.  We're in the freakin' 21st Century already.
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Really? REALLY? It's easy to understand how South Koreans could be offended by this. Imagine if the Germans had never apologized for the Holocaust, and even tried to pretend it never really happened, and then made a cartoon like this but with Jews instead of South Koreans.
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Last time I check their are alot of animes out their that have people that are breast-grabbing goofballs.  Most of those animes take place in Japan. 

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