So what do you think of Toonamis new lineup?

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I do agree that its just a window dressing to a format that sold well to 90s kids however I do think the block can serve some purpose though not for us but for the more casual anime watcher, the people (and many MANY exist) who for whatever reason refuse to watch stuff on the internet or have this vague jock mentality that suddenly its okay and not nerdy to watch it if its on TV (I.E. my 24 year old brother who watches the adult swim lineup but refuse to watch it on netflix) It serves them and the nostalgic, I think it will do just a little better then adult swim is doing on Saturdays and hopefully some new anime will to the causal watcher breath a bit of fresh air into the insanely stagnant anime block on adult swim. It wont effect us directly but it might be a nice bump to the casual viewers, plus it means more win for the animations companies and thus more is brought over encouraging more production in japan. Win for all so I at least hope my theory is correct even if it wont really change my viewing habits.

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and those where subbed looooong before they even made it stateside so thats a utter failure and would be no different.

I did say it was possible, it wouldn't fail if they just send it to the states for the voice acting first, kind of like what they did with Bakugan (hate that show) or Big O

that has little to do with anything though...if it was something someone really wasn't interested in they would just change the channel..most aren't that lazy to keep something on they have no interest in and wouldn't attract more viewers due to the time of day since your not trying to change a kid or teen for the most part but adults and they are generally harder to get to try something totally new and if they know they don't like something they won't watch it.

I wouldn't say that, I know a lot of adults who is to lazy to change the channel and would stay and watch the show if it wasn't that bad

thats not nostalgia at i stated...saturday has been adultswim's ONLY day for its not nostalgia at all...minus TOM anyway...the rest of it is just classic adultswim anime night like it has been for years now..all they did here was really give it a name/brand that one can recognize it as instead of just knowing anime is on that one night on adultswim.

Have you seen the rating for the Saturday block? It always get beaten by Family Guy or the others AS shows, CN only did the toonami thing to get more people to watch there anime block (by using nostalgia) when the nostalgia is gone it will go back to the bottom of the barrel again. I'll give it about two months. Also AS isn't the only time for anime, they still show pokemon and beyblade

so in otherwords they aren't trying to get new viewers really but to get the ones from their popular series to watch the others instead of just focusing on lets say Bleach then tune off

They need new viewers, they are a TV company. That how they get paid

Really bringing back Toonami is just silly and unnecessary, if they not trying to get new people to watch it and Toonami in the past was more then just anime and Tom

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@Destinyheroknight:  Exactly this why Toonami will NEVER fulfill the nostalgia high people are trying so hard to achieve. People forget that Toonami wasn't  anime all the time half the block consisted of game reviews,promos, Justice League, JLU, Reboot, and those shows you posted.
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Toonami was my introduction to shows produced in Japan that weren't produced in Japan. Based on what I know now- few- if any of the shows I enjoyed at that point were really new- or not already well known in the fan community. I was 10 years old. I'd occasionally catch bits and pieces of Midnight Run.

I think that demographic is still the group that is most open to and would have the greatest effect of access to Toonami.

A little bit of recommendation/control of the lineup- and easy access without pirating- especially if you want English dubs.

(I still want a Toonami edition of Gundam Wing- without the jungle Relena.)

I don't know if that will ever happen again- as the time slot- and the catch phrase are hardly pointing in that direction- and I don't think any amount of recommending/complaining will communicated that- nor watching in the current block. I think the biggest benefit to supporting at least a portion of the content during the Toonami block will be to say to the network- we don't need to have over the top and crude humor of the normal Adult Swim content. (This comment is made with the understanding that the contents of popular Japanese content is often over the top and crude in its own way- just that they tend to surround it with a bit of other stuff- and I would like both to improve in this field.

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