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Hello again, Heero here giving an update on his situation.

Today was pretty uneventful doing mostly mundane usual things, working on homework from my courses, studying a little Japanese, playing a little more (of my second run-through) of Valkyria Chronicles, and trying to meet up with an old high school friend of mine so she could lend me MGS4 and I could lend her VC. Unfortunately the last one never did get accomplished, but I was able to make plans to join her in February to pick up Star Ocean 4 since I'd be the one lending her one of my 360s and I'm curious what the whole Star Ocean story is about (she doesn't have a 360 but is a huge RPG fan).

In relation to all things AnimeVice, I haven't been able to make a lot of posts and submissions as of late due to coursework and my PC support technician job at the hospital, but I'm hoping to eventually get a number of things done with the following order of priority:

  1. Finish the d*** Gundam Wing section already! So far I've been able to add the stats and descriptions for all of the main characters and gundams that didn't have them already, though there are a few that are in bad need of proofreading and editing - the latter part of the Heero Yuy article is a good example. You can tell where I stopped proofreading and where the original submitter's writing remains.) Unfortunately I still haven't even finished putting in the basic title information, character appearances, and episode descriptions for each of the episodes yet, let alone the series description. That may end up being a long term project that I'll do in the background ultimately.
  2. (When the anime airs and I have official information to work from) Right after Gundam Wing, I'm going to put in as much information as humanly possible and confirmable on the Valkyria Chronicles anime series and characters. The game it's based off of was THE best game I have played in a very long time, and had a very excellent storyline, so I figure I owe it at least that much. Hopefully the anime won't turn into another Tsukihime...... See: "There is no Tsukihime anime". Considering it's being made by a relatively new studio and that so far they've done good work with Kannagi, Birdy the Mighty Decode, and even another game adaption, Persona -trinity soul-, I have some hope that it will be good.
  3. Just as important as Valkyria Chronicles to me is Kara no Kyoukai. With the fifth film, "Paradox Spiral" (矛盾螺旋 - Mujun Rasen), coming out on DVD in Japan (and inevitably in fansubs) on this Wednesday, January 28th, I'm really getting excited. This is basically the one the first four have been ultimately leading up to, especially with the token Jouji Nakata** character finally making his appearance (Araya Souren), and it's also the first one they've made so far that's as long as a full length film at 115 minutes (compared to the others so far around 48 to 56 minutes). I'm planning on rewatching the first four again in preparation for this Wednesday, and I'm hoping to get around to filling in descriptions on each of the characters for the series as well. I've always been a Type Moon fan, and plus now there's even trailers up on the Japanese Kara no Kyoukai site for the sixth movie, where Azaka finally takes a prominent role! Alot of you know how I'm a huge tsundere fan, and Azaka is basically a prototype hybrid of Rin Tohsaka and Akiha Tohno, so I'm still wondering if ulitimately the fifth or the sixth will be my favorite, but in any case they look to be awesome. Just a sidenote, if Kara no Kyoukai ever gets brought to the US, I swear to you Ufotable, Nasu Kinoko, and whoever licenses it, I will gladly spend every penny it takes to see each of them in theaters at full theater price 3 times each, and then buy the special edition DVDs for $100 each (or blurays for $150 each if you make them!).
  4. Basically whenever I get around to it I'll try to get character articles and such up for the Makoto Shinkai films, particularly Voices of a Distanct Star and The Place Promised in Our Early Days, since those are the only two I own on DVD.

Most of this I'll probably get around to doing if I have free time while I'm at work, but that's a very unstable moment of time, so don't count on me being able to blaze through any of this stuff anytime soon.

** - Jouji Nakata has done tons of voice roles in many video games and anime, but in every single Type Moon production to date (with one exception), Jouji Nakata has always played the voice of one of the main antagonists if not THE MAIN antagonist, and he's basically become known as playing the role of the typical Type Moon villian. He's done Kotomine Kirie from Fate/Stay Night, Nero Chaos in the Tsukihime drama CDs, and has been doing Araya Souren in Kara no Kyoukai. The ONLY time he did not voice a character was in the infamous Tsukihime anime, which is yet another reason many fans consider the Tsukihime anime to be fake.

Also, I see that no one has read the original Kara no Kyoukai novels that has taken the trivia quiz here so far, because according to the original light novels by Nasu Kinoko, the color of Shiki Ryougi's leather jacket when she fights Kirie Fujou on the rooftop is in fact BLACK, and NOT red. Where along the line it got changed to red between the novels being published and the anime being produced, I don't know, but all I know is I think it looks awesome!

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i believe you can do all that! believe that i believe!
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