so is nationalism increasing to much in Japan....?

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Saw this story the other day:

and was aghast but then started thinking about the current anime season we have two shows about Oda and one that makes the west and some of our most important historical/literary figures look rather bad. The fool makes Ceaser into a total ass and king author into the bad guy. (And Magellan into a space pirate). I don't think Japan is about to invade anyone but this is somewhat disturbing to me. Thoughts?

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It's not disturbing to me. There are countries where they don't candy coat and paint western figures as bastions of humanity and all that is right in the world. Case in point, America spins George Washington has a hero and defender of freedom. You could just as easily say he allowed slavery so clearly he didn't give a shit about freedom and on top of that the main motivation for war with England was because the US agreed to take England's money and support in establishing colonies in America and then tried to weasel out of the deal once they thought they had enough guns to do so.

As far as the Anne Frank thing, there are scum bags everywhere. There's probably noticeably more neo-Nazis in the US than Japan. It's not like the country rose up as a whole and decided to commit and ani-Semitic act.

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It just looks like there are insensitive high school rabble rousers in Japan.... There are plenty of that in the U.S. alone.

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Instead of an article about Anne Frank, you'd probably want to look up Shinzo Abe's recent visits to the Yasukuni Shrine which pissed off every other southeast Asian country nearby, or one of the board members of the NHK denying the Rape of Nanking/Nanjing ever happened. While the Anne Frank story you linked is a real tragedy, that's not something that we can tie to official policy, as opposed to the aforementioned events which were the result of actions the current PM of Japan has taken.

But hey, what can you say, being a nationalist and trying to marginalize or hide the dirty laundry is part of the job when you lead a country. Not that it excuses these things.

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@DocHaus: Yeah better examples Doc knew about them but this was just the most recent and the most shocking to me. That said yes our history is full of problems we like to whitewash though I don't totally agree with our moderators take on the revolutionary war. I'd like to think we don't marginalize ours as much as other countries....but that would be a lie so....

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Wouldn't say this is an issue related to nationalism, per say. Maybe more like ignorance from troublemaking students that don't understand the significance of the writings considering Judaism has very little presence (only about 2000 followers) and influence within the country's culture.

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