So i was playing Sid Meier's Civilization® V an ,,,

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Well i was on a mostly island map .In one of those moments of insperation .. 1st for those unfamilar with civ v

an i thought man this would be great for One Piece mod or game .

Well im apreantly fashionable, cause im always late to the party! So theirs two big collections for it.But wait thats not all... Madoka Magica Civilizations

Also note samweller999 should be happy they have Brony mods tho im not sure this is a good thing my self.

Its one of those moments when a sub gene of entertainment crosses over to the next bigger sub gene of entertainment.If im not mistaken this whole anime/manga thing just might cach on.

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I don't know. The actual gameplay of Civ doesn't really fit One Piece at all.
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@sickVisionz: Way i looked at it was exploration an at the time the map i was on was tons of islands so that reminded me of One Piece. Early game you have ships that can be like whats in One Piece to.Change the barbarians to pirates an ecounters on islands to be random fights an large monster encounters an it be close enuff.The mods look like it has the main characters as a civ leader .

When i think of One Piece its not purley as a fighting game . tho seems thats what most of the games based on it have more or less been.Think back when the series started you had alot of exploration an a new world feel.That same feeling is what i get out of early Civ V game.

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I could see it if One Piece was people sailing in a boat and not getting into adventures, but the adventure part is the bulk of what One Piece is. That's also the part Civ either does terribly or flat out can't do at all. When I think of early One Piece, it's 24-52 episode arcs where maybe one or two episodes are them exploring and the rest is them trying to solve someone's problems. I think you could make a true to the series game using an open world game mixed with Windwaker more than Civ. That would capture the bulk of what the series is about.
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@sickVisionz: True to seires would probly require rpg or action rpg or even mmorpg .Which could happen some day but i kinda doubt it being done right.But as a time passer with exploration an added side quests ( which civ v has) it would fit the bill well enuff.

Amazon has Brave New World on sale i may get it this month an see how much new side quests are added.But really with enuff creativity you could even do a Commando/Desperados turn base tactical rpg for One Piece .That game style seems to be on a comeback now since it fits tablet game play.

Still find it neet people are moding civ v for One Piece.

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