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I don't know if this would be better in the fan fiction thread or not, Its a weapon/power I've made up but its not actually a a story.

Ok so the 'weapon' is a pair of very light, thin, white magical gloves. When you put them on they vanish and can only be removed if the person wearing them willingly takes them off or is killed. (even if the hand(s) are cut off, the effect of the gloves remain) While wearing these gloves the character can attack/ touch/interact with normally intangible objects. So, a normal human wearing these could 'attack' and damage a ghost, a soul, Beings of pure energy...ect

The glove do NOT, however, give any kind of strength boost. So the person wearing them still has to be strong enough to hurt whatever he/she is attacking. Basically bringing the character's strength into play where it normally would not go into play.

These gloves can inflict damage to anything (IE: if "Only ____ can hurt it" These gloves can also hurt it) as long as the person wearing them is strong/powerful enough to do so, and the effect also applies to powers (Blasts, attacks, missals, bullets) fired by the wearer, additionally the effect wraps around any weapon they happen to be holding.

A draw back is that wearing these also makes you more vulnerable, EXAMPLE: Celestial bronze which would not normally cut a human, WOULD cut a human wearing these gloves.

So what do you think of this creation? Who do you think would have something like this? Name a fight where a character would normally lose but would win if he/she had these gloves.

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This would be valuable against Naruto's very own Tobi. And though it's debated often whether or not Bleach characters are intangible, this would help against them assuming that they were intangible.
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