Slice of Vice: Treasures Edition

Topic started by gia on March 6, 2009. Last post by HeeroYuy 6 years ago.
Post by gia (3,032 posts) See mini bio Level 13
I'm not promising that this particular naming convention would stick, but here it is: your first-ever video from Portland! (Man, I'd originally intended to do a video from the airplane lavatory, but wouldn't you know it? I managed to sleep through the entire flight.)

Anyway, I've acquired a lot of swag over the years, but these are my top three items.


So, what are your faves?
Post by Void_Wizard (735 posts) See mini bio Level 9
Wow nice swag!~ For me I'd say my Saber plushie. Saber is no doubt superior to the Rin plushie. /me wants a better Rin plushies but it's still great because it's Rin imo. My favorite is my Louise figure bustier ver. from Alter. 
Post by Sigue (860 posts) See mini bio Level 8
I saw your mouth moving in the corner of my eye, but I was too busy looking at that beautiful TV to actually pay attention. And then I saw the jacket. That amazing jacket. Surely when Jesus returns to Earth during the Second Coming he will be wearing an identical coat.
Post by gia (3,032 posts) See mini bio Level 13
Sigue: It is a nice TV-- my christmas present ;)

But it is a much nicer jacket. <3<3
Post by Agent_Lost (1,124 posts) See mini bio Level 10
ok, have a cell animation, that pretty sweet.
Post by yuetheguardian (93 posts) See mini bio Level 7
I would have think what my greatest treasure is,  but off the top of head it would be my perfect grade Zaku I inherited from my brother when he moved to texas, currently one of my tallest anime toys to date.
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Aw that is one cool jacket. To bad I don't have any swag. I need to go to some big conventions.
Post by RedRoses (1,437 posts) See mini bio Level 14
I AM UBER JEALOUS OF YOUR JACKET and I shall steal it when you aren't looking. You'll see it gone by tomorrow for I have teleportation powers.  =P

Sadly I don't have anything that I superly treasure that's anime related.
But one of my favorite con swag is my Pee and Poo plushies. Yes that's right, pee and poo.

The box says they are waterproof and I can put them in the bath if I wanted to... umm I don't think I ever will but they're one of my favorite items I bought at a convention.
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Sweet Jacket! you ever wash it? lol :P
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I too am curious about how you wash your jacket. Then, I can steal it and know how to take care of it.
Post by Kuro (559 posts) See mini bio Level 6
That Jacket has been legendary for a while.
Post by gia (3,032 posts) See mini bio Level 13
I haven't yet, but I'll take it to a dry cleaners. One I really, really trust. It's in California, so I'll have to do it when I go down in May. ^_^
Post by Sigue (860 posts) See mini bio Level 8
"If you damage this jacket in any way I'll find you and your family and murder you all. Have a nice day!"
Post by N15PCA (611 posts) See mini bio Level 13

I had a nice deck of pioneer anime playing cards.  This really isn't anime, but I have the Todd McFarlane's Spawn - The Ultimate Collection DVD box set signed by Todd McFarlane.

Post by Sonata (36,359 posts) See mini bio Level 20
Nice Tira animation Cel!!^^ And that Jacket is definition of Bada$$XD
Post by HeeroYuy (1,210 posts) See mini bio Level 12
Cool! A fellow cel owner!

I've got only three, one of Misato (at left), one of Gendou, and one of Heero Yuy from
the "Just Communication" Opening that's by far one of my prized possessions.

Not far behind these are probably my Mela Lee autographed Rin Tohsaka figure
(she signed the box) and my Perfect Grade Wing Zero model kit.
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